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Try Services Before Signing A Long-Term Contract

How many times have you heard of someone signing up for a three year contract with a gym only to find out that they don’t like the gym? Or don’t have enough time to go? How many times have you heard of someone signing up for a two year contract with a cell phone only to find out that they can’t get service inside their house? As consumers, we’re savvy enough to extensively research our major purchases but are less savvy when it comes to services. We’re quick to sign a gym membership without using the services but would have difficulty buying gym equipment without trying it.

You should, whenever possible, try something out before you sign any long term contract. It won’t be possible in all cases but try whenever you can. With gyms, you can request a one or two week trial. In addition to trying the facilities, the trial weeks allow you to integrate the gym into your existing schedule. Can you really go as often as you think you can? If you can’t hit your targets during your trial weeks, is it really worth signing up for a longer term contract? You may find that paying on a per trip basis ends up being cheaper than the contract because of how often you’ll really go!