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Don’t Want To Sell Your House? Do These Things

We bought our first and only home four years ago [3], about a year away from the peak of the market in our area, and we saw some atrocious houses along the way. It was a hot housing market back then, so perhaps some of the horribleness we saw is excusable, but with the market today there’s no excuse for being lazy.

Bankrate lists ten things you should focus on if you want to entice a homebuyer [4] looking to take advantage of the $8,000 first-time homebuyer credit [5].

  1. Dirt – Dirty = bad
  2. Odors – Stinky is not good either.
  3. Old fixtures
  4. Wallpaper – They recommend removing it all.
  5. Popcorn acoustic ceilings – They badly date your house, we have them and we hate it.
  6. Too many personal items – It’s hard for someone to envision themselves living in your house if all your stuff is still there.
  7. Snoopy sellers – Please don’t be there.
  8. Misrepresenting your home
  9. Poor curb appeal
  10. Clutter

If you don’t want me to buy your home, there’s one very simple thing you can do: be there. (which is a mix of #6 and #7)

On several occasions, we would walk into a home and the owners would be there watching television. When I am looking at a house, I want to peek in the closets, I want to turn on the showers, and I want to look in every nook to see the house for what it is. When there are a ton of personal items there, I feel like I’m snooping and I’m violating someone’s personal space. When they’re actually downstairs watching TV, I feel like I’m really violating their personal space.

So, don’t do any of the ten things Bankrate recommends you avoid and please don’t be there. 🙂

(Photo: thetruthabout [6])