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Double Check Professional Work

The latest article about Walmart on the Consumerist [3] made me think about the last run-in we had with Walmart and oil changes. About a week or so after having my fiancee’s car’s oil changed at a Walmart, we noticed that there was a grayish film creeping up the front of her hood. She drives a lot on I-95 with lots of trucks and stuff and so she didn’t really think much of it and it wasn’t until she looked at it closer did she recognize it was oil. When we opened up the hood, it appears that the yokels over at Walmart never put the oil cap back on. Strangely, and luckily, the cap was still sitting there, comfortably sitting in a nook; and so we checked the oil, filled it back up (it lost about half a quart) and put the cap back on. We park outside so we didn’t even notice the oil drips on the blacktop parking spots but they were definitely there. So… that Walmart story on the Consumerist doesn’t surprise me at all. (I do oil changes on my own car because it’s ridiculously easy to access the filter and the bolt)

So, the moral of the story is to check all the work you ever have done on anything. That’s not to say someone is cheating you or incompetent, it’s just that people can make mistakes (especially if they’re incompetent) so you should always double check. If you want to see the old part they’re replacing because you think they’re scamming you, get the old part (and you probably want a new mechanic). Always double check the work, no matter how simple you think it is.