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Double Check Your E-ZPass Statements for Errors

Double check your E-ZPass statements (or any other of those toll pass RFID toll payment systems) for inaccuracies whenever you get them in the mail. Many of my friends (including my fiancĂ©e and myself) travel through the Ft. McHenry tunnel that connects the western and eastern sides of Baltimore City (it is also how you get through the city if you continue on I-95). If you have the Maryland E-ZPass commuter plan then the trip will cost you a mere forty cents. Less frequent travelers will see a toll of $2.00 per trip through the dark desolation of underground Baltimore. Sometimes, not often but it does happen more often than it should (which is zero times), the system will incorrectly bill you for your travel. I’ve personally had to deal with incorrect coding of fares (adding on axles, charging me full price on a tag with the commuter plan, etc). A quick phone call or an email to the administrator will usually clear the situation right up.

Here’s an example of an email my friend Jeremie sent to Maryland E-ZPass and their response.

Original Message:

I was charged for a class 3 standard toll of $4.00 for some unknown reason.
It should have been a class 2 commuter toll of $0.40.

Dear E-ZPass Customer,

Such transaction on 11/12/06 has been identified, where a request has been placed to adjust the difference back to your account. You should be able to locate such credit in approximately 24-48 hours.
Thank you for using E-ZPass.

E-ZPass Service Center
P.O. Box 5200
Baltimore, MD 21224-0020
TDD/TTY 1-877-410-2950 Fax 410-633-6618