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Download Abandonware: Free Old School Computer Games

They don’t make games like they used to huh? Well, back when I was a kid I remember going over a friend’s house to play Star Control 1. The game was really really simple, you controlled a ship and tried to blow up the other ship. There were scenario games too where you explored the galaxy (represented by white periods on the screen!) and battled based on a scenario. That game was Star Control 1 and I loved it. When I finally got a computer, I discovered that Star Control had a second and a third and I devoured those games too. Between Star Control and practically every Sierra game (from Kings Quest to Quest for Glory), I had a ball playing those old school games. Well, now you can download all those games because they’re considered Abandonware.

What’s Abandonware? According to Wikipedia [3], “Abandonware is computer software which is no longer being sold or supported by its copyright holder. Sometimes, it is used as a blanket category for any software over a certain age, usually five years.” Abandonware is the keyword you need to search with if you want to find copies of all those old school games that aren’t sold in stores anymore. Is abandonware legal? Technically probably not, but since you can’t buy it you have no choice but to download it.

If you want a good Abandonware site (you won’t have to register, donate, be asked to wait because you didn’t donate, or any other of the red tape-esq hoopla other download sites make you sit through), visit Abandonia [4] or XTC Abandonware [5]. I downloaded all the Star Controls, Masters of Orion, Quest for Glory 1,2, 3, a whole slew of other Sierra games and a whole bunch of other old favorites. Enjoy your weekend!