Dream Big To Succeed – A Teacher’s Life is HARD

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I learned about this blog, Dream Big To Succeed, because JLP at AllThingsFinancial wrote a little blurb about a single teacher who hates her (I think, she mentions in her posts about other teachers who have husbands who support them and ‘ChavaRica’ is spanish for Rich Girl) difficult job that he found on Technorati. Here’s a quote from a post she made nearly a year ago:

I get so tired and stressed out from teaching and dealing with kids and parents. Sometimes I think I am going to have a mental breakdown. I cannot go on this way. I am also tired all the time. I know it’s because of stress. I am going to continue to look for a job. I am also going to get everything together so I can start investing soon. I am so tired all the time but I will have to persevere. I think the sacrifice will be worth it. Short term sacrifice for long term gain. I am determined to create a better life for myself, so I am staying positive and getting to work. I have got to get things started.

Puts into perspective how difficult and thankless the job of an educator is these days… give her some words of encouragement if you can!

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4 Responses to “Dream Big To Succeed – A Teacher’s Life is HARD”

  1. Cap says:

    yeah I use to want to teach.

    then I realized I’ll snap and wipe out the school. I always told myself, maybe elementary or college.. no way to junior high or high school.

    I wonder how long she’s been teaching.. it always makes me sad a bit to see that one teacher/professor that lost his/her passion, and it always makes me wonder how some of them keep them going for years to come.

  2. mark weller says:

    i have been teaching special ed. since 1980, mostly learniing disabled students. i have had 3 years OFF from sped since i have started and taught “normal clases” i have taught special education about 9 years at the elemaentary level, 11 years at the high school level and i am in my third year at the middle school level. i hate the paper work ( anindividualized education plan usually takes around 12 to 17 pages depending on how involved the student is ) and i hate the formal individualized testing! it takes about 3 hours of testing & paper work to get a student in my program and all this has to be done before we have a meeting with the parents to propose an individualized program. i love working with the kids. we have fun everyday and they know i care about them because we work like crazy to improve their skills and we help them learn to surrvive in the regular classroom with get passing grades.

    you really have to love watching the kids interact and develop over the years. everyone who i have started teaching with has retired. i keep thinkiing about retiring but then i wouldn’t GET to go to school each day and have fun.

    the bottom line is here get out while you can, if you’re not having fun the kids are not either. find something you really enjoy……………………….mark

  3. Ear says:

    The previous response is why I approve of standardized testing.

  4. I taught high school math for a year, right out of college. Wow, it was so much more stressful and difficult than the work I actually went to school for (computer programming). The great thing about it, my wife is a high school teacher, so that year gave me a real appreciation for the work she does! My hat goes off to anybody who works hard, and is a true educator… I use those words to distinguish from those who just give worksheets and show movies (yes, there are still a few).

    I know this is a REALLY old post, but if anybody reads this, take a minute to look up an old teacher that made a difference in your life, and send them a quick email just saying thanks.

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