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Dream Big To Succeed – A Teacher’s Life is HARD

I learned about this blog, Dream Big To Succeed [3], because JLP at AllThingsFinancial [4] wrote a little blurb about a single teacher who hates her (I think, she mentions in her posts about other teachers who have husbands who support them and ‘ChavaRica’ is spanish for Rich Girl) difficult job that he found on Technorati. Here’s a quote from a post she made nearly a year ago [5]:

I get so tired and stressed out from teaching and dealing with kids and parents. Sometimes I think I am going to have a mental breakdown. I cannot go on this way. I am also tired all the time. I know it’s because of stress. I am going to continue to look for a job. I am also going to get everything together so I can start investing soon. I am so tired all the time but I will have to persevere. I think the sacrifice will be worth it. Short term sacrifice for long term gain. I am determined to create a better life for myself, so I am staying positive and getting to work. I have got to get things started.

Puts into perspective how difficult and thankless the job of an educator is these days… give her some words of encouragement if you can!