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Your Take: Any Dumpster Divers Out There?

Earlier this week, Crystal shared a few safety and frugal tips for dumpster diving [3] and I thought it’d be fun to revisit the idea, the subject of a former Your Take [4] a few years ago. Since then, I’ve still never gone into a dumpster but I routinely walk Tobey, our beagle, beside some dumpsters outside an apartment complex near our house.

When I walk by, I can usually see a litany of stuff people are disposing of as they move out. There’s usually some broken furniture, some computers and televisions that probably don’t work, and your usually assortment of cardboard boxes and general trash. While I’ve yet to take anything to keep myself, I have picked up several computers, the ones that are left on the ground beside the dumpster, that I simply drove to the local Best Buy to recycle. While I have no interest in any of the stuff I’ve seen so far, I figure I can do my part to recycle all those heavy metals and other crap that we don’t need leeching into our ground water.

I’ve read about some fantastic dumpster diving finds [5] but have yet to see anything worth actually diving in a dumpster for. 🙂

(Photo: warrenski [6])