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Durbin & Miller Want To Make Switching Banks Easier

Senator Dick Durbin and Representative Brad Miller plan on introducing legislation [3] that would make it easier for you to change banks. Durbin, as you know, is the one who lent his name to the law that capped swipe fees. A cap on those fees, along with various other legislative moves, has led many banks to start introducing various other fees – from Bank of America [4] to Citibank [5].

Now Durbin, of Illinois, and Rep. Miller of North Carolina plan to introduce legislation that would force banks to make it easier for you to switch banks [6]. They look to the FDIC’s quick turnaround after bank failures as a model for how this new system would work. Personally, I think this is a great idea but I think it’s a unfair for the government to tell banks they need to implement this. I don’t think they should be required to make moving banks easier.

As it is, it’s not terribly difficult, you just have to keep diligent records. It might not be instantaneous and it will require work, but it’s not “hard.” Putting a man on the moon is hard. Driving to work in the morning during rush hour can be a pain but it’s not hard. Changing banks is like driving to work. Honestly, I think there are better things for our legislators to work on.