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E-Filing Should Be Free

Seriously now, why does it cost money to e-file my taxes?

If processing an e-filed return were to take more time, require more effort, and consume more resources of the great Internal Revenue Service, I would be more accepting of the charge to e-file – except it doesn’t. In fact, I would venture to guess that the government saves far more money than the cost of e-filing when I actually e-file and that they should incentivize e-filing by at least making it free.

The only cost I can think of it that an e-filed return is processed faster so they have to cut the refund checks faster, which means the government is earning less in interest… but that’s not a legitimate reason because it’s not the government’s money in the first place. I think it costs money to e-file because several years ago it was an unproven system and the government wanted to lower the number of early adopters by putting in this roadblock. Now, years later, with e-filing in full effect, they just kept the fee in place because it generated revenue and the government loves revenue. But let’s get with the times and nix this stupid e-filing fee, the government already has our Social Security payments as a means of generating revenue they never have to repay, let’s not nickel and dime us for e-filing.

Okay, rant over, thanks for listening. 🙂

In the comments, I’ve learned that it’s the various filing companies that take the fee, not the IRS. So, I take back everything I said about Social Security and how the government loves revenue, I’m sorry government… I didn’t really mean all those mean things I said.