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e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste

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e-Rewards is another survey network that awards you ‘e-Rewards’ whenever you fill out their surveys. The thing that sinks e-Rewards is what those e-Rewards actually get you – glorified coupon codes and prizes of diminished value. At the lowest tier, the $25 e-Reward level, the rewards are things like 500 frequent flier miles to Northwest or American Airlines, $25 off a purchse of $75 from eBags, and $25 off a $50 purchase from MagMall. Why don’t they give out straight cash? Because it’s cheaper to give you those type of offers. Even at the next level, the $50 level, you don’t see any rewards of value. $50 off $250 at AbtElectronics, $50 off a $125 order from eBags, and a thousand miles for Northwest or American Airlines are just some of the fantastic rewards. So I ask, why bother? Even if you were to give me $50 in e-Rewards for a 5 minute survey, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with the points.

My two favorite survey networks are Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost, I’ve written how much I enjoy being in both networks before. While getting into Pinecone Research is difficult (you have to find the signup link), all you need to do to get into Opinion Outpost is apply. Both programs pay you cold hard cash.

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196 Responses to “e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste”

  1. cdf says:

    I have used my points to redeem a couple of starbucks gift cards. The first one took about 30 days to arrive but it worked fine. Waiting now for my second one to arrive. I did have a problem with completing a very long survey only to be told after about 20 minutes of questioning that I was not a match – and would only get partial survey credit. Sorry but that doesn’t fly with me. Also I participated in a mobile survey where I was required to purchase items to complete the survey and I was supposed to get reimbursed for these items and I never have. I have tried emailing their customer support and I get auto-responses with case numbers but I have never received a followup. The automatic response said it could take up to 5 days to reply but it’s been a month. They seem to be on auto pilot.

  2. keysha says:

    I have enjoyed e-rewards for the past year until recently. My account was mysteriously deleted … I was up to $200 in rewards money.. still waiting to here from them. I am really pissed – All the time I put in answering all of those questions and trying out products mailed to me… all to get nothing.

  3. phil says:

    Based on my experience, they are a scam. The extensive partial surveys before you are informed that you don’t qualify and, more importantly for me, the inability to convert the “dollars of reward” into any other reward. Tried 4 times to transfer to Southwest Airlines and never worked. 4 inquiries to customer service have been unanswered. I am not participating further.

  4. Victoria says:

    I’m so glad that someone is spelling out the truth about eRewards! It is a scam and a cheat. You’re right about the diminished value of the “rewards” as they have so many restrictions, red tape and fine print that by the time you’re done you’ll have to spend your own money to complete the redemption – a total rip-off. I heard of eRewards through American Airlines Advantage Program and just now wrote to them to tell them what a terrible program eRewards is and how badly it reflects on American Airlines. The only thing I can do now is try to get something worthwhile and then get the Hell out. Avoid eRewards unless you don’t mind having your time wasted for nothing.

  5. gayla says:

    I receive surveys from erewards and have experienced few problems. I went through an entire survey only to be told I wasn’t the target group they were looking for – I complained and received the full points/credit for taking the survey. I use my rewards for magazines and starbucks cards. Almost all of the magazines I receive are through erewards. I’ve always received my starbucks cards in a timely manner. I have NEVER been asked to spend my own money to evaluate a product. I have had products sent to me to evaluate and everything went well. One of their rewards is a KIVA donation. I plan to use my current balance for a KIVA donation – they do good work and I like knowing I can contribute even if I don’t have the cash to do so.

  6. Melissa says:

    I agree with Gayla! I have been doing surveys on E-Rewards for years. I have also not paid for a magazine since starting. They come on time and I have had no problems with my free subscriptions. I also use the Hawai’ian Miles free mileage option, getting over 4,000 miles just today for my time. I use them to upgrade to first class. And now you can help KIVA loan to people who could not get an affordable loan otherwise. It’s called MICRO LENDING. I have loaned to people in over 46 countries so far. Those of you complaining so much, perhaps you think your time or opinion is much more “valuable” than it is. In my job, I make $$$$ per hour. On my own time, I enjoy an occasional survey, occasionally get free foods to try, products to sample & extras for my time, which is free, unless I am at work. E-rewards is not a scam, no one forces you to do anything, I have NEVER been asked to spend a dime of my own money, always received a reply within 48 hours and been credited every time a survey keeps me in too long before saying i did not qualify…

  7. JoAnne says:

    I recently placed an order for $50 iTune card for a e-Reward money of $145. I sent several inquiry email, the Help desk is kicking the ball around until you give up. Be aware, e-Reward is now fake, fraud, and scam. Not worth of your time for their survey for nothing to be return.

  8. BJoy says:

    I’ve been using E-Rewards since 2007 and have only had minor issues. I’m on pace this year to redeem for 8000 Southwest Miles which is equal to $133 in real airfare (which is $400 in E-Rewards). I’ve redeemed for 2000 miles 3 times without an issue (this year alone) and will have enough to do it one for time this year. My wife is part of the program also and redeems for Macy’s and Starbucks giftcards without any problems.

  9. mike says:

    Many magazine subscriptions at no cost Forbes, Fortune, PC World etc. gave us many meals at a fraction of cost. Best Buy $25 off any purchsse.

  10. rachael says:

    I had enough points to redeem a $10 amazon gift card but they hadn’t emailed me the code yet… no reply to my inquiry yet either.

  11. Barb says:

    I like e-rewards and have many FREE magazine subscriptions delivered to my home . i even give them away for friends as gifts. Every yr I send Golf mags to a golfer friend.

  12. Janice Smith says:

    I have been doing the surveys for over a year. I know longer have them in my e-mail I was working to get my grandson a gift card from gamestop. I reached $80.25. Enough to get him the cert. What do I do now. Did you unscribe me w/o warning. How do I restart? I would like my reward of $80.25 back

  13. Dave gleason says:

    I will check out your two favorites. Had them on a list to anyway. My experience with e-rewards has actually been OK: BUT: I am a member of Choice Rewards Program and they have a nice pay out for points for that so it works for us to help get free motel rooms and places like Comfort Inn etc.
    Just a thought!

  14. Sadie says:

    I ordered my Starbucks gift card on December 10th and I still haven’t received it (today is January 17th). I’m in Canada, but according to the site they should still ship to me. Still waiting and hoping it’s not a scam…

  15. dudley hafner says:

    I redeem several hundred dollars every year for restaurants. Only wish I had more choices but we are a small city…65,000

  16. Peter Handel says:

    I simply cannot get these people to make my redemption request go through! I have tried for months to buy SW Airline points with over $66.00 in “credit” and they can’t make it happen…I write and they always say oh do this, do that…it never works.
    It’s a big scam, if you ask me.

  17. Jim McCulley says:

    I got a card for FTD 25.00 cost 35.00 went on the site 29.00 flower by the time you paid taxes and handing it was 50.00 and if you use the card it was 100.00 dollars minus the 25.00 so between 35.00 and the 100.00 the flowers were 75.00 and a tip to the person bringing them WHAT A DEAL 100.00 for 29.00 flowers

  18. Michelle Cragel says:

    I’m shocked at all the problems people have had with e-rewards. I have had zero issues in the 5+ years I have been using the site. I answer surveys all the time and rack up dollars fairly quickly. The key is to actually read each survey and answer honestly. They have all kinds of questions embedded to weed out people just clicking.

    I have gotten a $25 gift card to Best Buy 6 times now (they only allow you to redeem 1 per quarter, but that is fine) so I currently have $150 to go towards a new stove that I want there. The gift cards are totally legit. They are emailed to you to be printed and every one I’ve gotten wether its starbucks, best buy or Express have worked just fine and just like any other regular gift card. I’ve also redeemed dollars for HIlton Honors points. Totally great as well.

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