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e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste

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e-Rewards is another survey network that awards you ‘e-Rewards’ whenever you fill out their surveys. The thing that sinks e-Rewards is what those e-Rewards actually get you – glorified coupon codes and prizes of diminished value. At the lowest tier, the $25 e-Reward level, the rewards are things like 500 frequent flier miles to Northwest or American Airlines, $25 off a purchse of $75 from eBags, and $25 off a $50 purchase from MagMall. Why don’t they give out straight cash? Because it’s cheaper to give you those type of offers. Even at the next level, the $50 level, you don’t see any rewards of value. $50 off $250 at AbtElectronics, $50 off a $125 order from eBags, and a thousand miles for Northwest or American Airlines are just some of the fantastic rewards. So I ask, why bother? Even if you were to give me $50 in e-Rewards for a 5 minute survey, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with the points.

My two favorite survey networks are Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost, I’ve written how much I enjoy being in both networks before. While getting into Pinecone Research is difficult (you have to find the signup link), all you need to do to get into Opinion Outpost is apply. Both programs pay you cold hard cash.

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196 Responses to “e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste”

  1. mARY says:


  2. Amanda B says:

    I personally use my e-Rewards to buy e-Miles and in less than a year I have accumulated a few thousand Continental OnePass miles with nothing but a few clicks of a mouse at the end of the day when I can squeeze it in. If there are rewards that are relevant to your life (like in my case) and you have a spare 20 minutes at the end of your evening to fill out a few surveys, then it can be worth it. I don’t see where anyone would have a problem with it. I mean shoot, in less than a month alone I’ve earned $29 in e-Rewards currency. Looking forward to cashing it in for another 1,000 OnePass miles in the next few weeks.

  3. Amanda says:

    hi i was wondering how do u sign up for e rewars

    • Katosepe says:

      you have to be invited, usually by signing up with one of their partner companies. I got it from Gamestop from signing up for their newsletter. I know Target sends out invites sometimes too.

    • hi says: will give you an invite. I signed up for the one month trial and got an invite right afterward.

  4. Demsd says:

    e-Rewards does suck. Because most of the rewards are worthless to me, I used most of my rewards for one-year magazine subscriptions for myself and family. One magazine sent me a card recently tell me how sorry they were that I was cancelling my subscription and that they were suspending delivery. This was after receiving about 4 of the 12 issues. I contacted e-Rewards and heard nothing back.

  5. Karen Ruth says:

    Well, I guess I am in the minority, because I have redeemed my Erewards points for lots of great stuff. Free Blockbuster movies, Airline miles, gift cards and more I cannot even remember. I agree that the current rewards are NOT as great as they once were, but I continue to redeem them for things I can use for myself or for gifts.

  6. Katosepe says:

    I don’t know about this. I love e-rewards. In the last two months I just got $100 in gift cards to Gamestop just from doing surveys every once in a while. I’m not saying this is necessarily better than every other survey site out there, I just know I love it a lot more than NPDor and I have received many tangible, awesome rewards.

  7. That Guy says:

    I like it, over the past year or so I have receved something like 12,000 reward points for hotels. Not to bad when I stay at hotels monthly, but the Co. pays for that. All adds up in the long run. Lots of free reward point for me.

    • Steve says:

      I’m with you. I use my points mostly for Priority Club hotel points. I can usually redeem for a few thousand PC points a year. Company pays for my work travel, I combine all the points for free hotels on vacation. Every little bit helps.

  8. JK says:

    e-Rewards is nothing but a hoax. I was promised a cash reward over $100 for a survey which I completed in 3/11. Never received what I was promised to date. Tried to contact
    e-Rewards, but no one wants to take any responsibility.

  9. Vincent Martinez says:

    I love e-rewards, yes they’re limited on good rewards but since they’ve added Macy’s gift cards, i have received like 4! and quickly, they pay a whole hell of a lot more so your points add up quicker. all surveys have their ups and downs, so it all depends what your looking for.

  10. Micah says:

    I think E Rewards is great. I have $100 credit so I used it to get ticket master gift cards.

  11. Alan says:

    I used my E-Rewards cash to purchase Priority Club points that we are using to vacation in a beach front hotel, (TOTALLY PAID FOR with points), on Santa Rosa Island on the gulf coast. I’ll answer questions all day for deals like this.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i like doing it for gamestop

  13. Eric says:

    This is the first time I ever looked up e-rewards to see what people were saying about it and I am a little shocked. I agree there have been some surveys that the link didn’t work and a few other minor issues. I also agree that sometimes the surveys take longer than what they say or you answer 10 questions then it will tell you that you don’t fit the criteria. Remember that there are various companies looking for certain demographics and info, so you are not always the person they want whether it is the age, geographic location, gender or other reason. Many people tend to forget that there are certain “checks” in the survey to see it you are being truthful or just clicking to get money, so that can shut you out and possibly decrease the number of surveys you may get I imagine. The rewards are not always that stellar and I’ve only be participating for a year and have seen some of the better rewards be removed, yet it is based on what partners sign up and how much of a reward they are willing to give. True it seems unfair that a 150 credit with get you a 50 Target card, but Target knows that most likely you are not earning all that money from answering survey with info pertinent to them, so why should they put up all the money for the card dollar for dollar. I have to say it has worked for me, with my 15 Borders bucks, my free Blockbuster rentals and soon a few magazines that I can enjoy without needing to pay for a year. Even looking at the hotels points on their websites it would take 4000 to get a magazine and just how many stays does it take to get 4000 points? A lot! It’s nothing that is going to get you so many freebies or money that you can quit your job, but it can be a nice addition to your life for a few 30 minute surveys here and many 5 minutes ones there. Relax, enjoy and be patient.

  14. Priyanka says:

    Hey I am too a erewards member. I have been doing surveys for 3 months now. I have earned 25$ which I redeemed for 500 miles. However, I am wondering couple of you have mentioned that it offers gift card I have serached it at e rewards it allows you to redeem by company or by credit level but their is no gift card option their. please tellme how to get the gift card?


    • daenyll says:

      It depends on how you initially signed up for the program, I signed up thru Upromise and can only redeem for Upromise rewards.

  15. Crystyn says:

    I’ve been doing surveys for years and I do redeem for Borders rewards and magazines. For a few minutes of time here and there it’s worth it. Nowadays every little bit helps. 😉

  16. Lucas says:

    I have my ups and downs with e-rewards and have been doing it for around 3 years. I go through periods where I just care and delete most my requests for surveys (I get approximately one a day in email). But there are times I churn through them, achieving my Gamestop gift card goal. Yes I must earn 50 e-reward dollars for a real $25 Gamestop card, but the card comes in the mail and it’s real, all for a few days of answering surveys once a day? Easy. I have never been phoned by anyone. It is strictly email.

  17. Mom says:

    I just want to here that e-rewards it legit! Every time I get hit with a scam attempt I start freaking out about what I’m associated with. I was also invited to do e-rewards & have reward dollars converted to Upromise rewards, but not dollar for dollar. ($30 gets me $5.00 Upromise). The more u save up, the better the trade, but I figure there is no guarentee it won’t suddenly disappear. Thanx for the comments.

  18. ViewableArtist2 says:

    I’ve been a member of E-rewards for 4 years now, and initially I have no real problems with this company. But, recently that site is beginning to show signs of being a horrible joke on all of us. I did two $6.50 surveys and have yet to receive credit for either of them, and the Quality Control staff is showing no signs of giving credit for surveys even though I fully qualified for both of them. Secondly, the GameStop $25 card for $50 in E-rewards credit — is a lie, the company paid GameStop for a bulk order of GameStop $25 gift cards and is reselling them at an absolute profit and then claims it was the deal they signed with Gamestop. Unfortunately, for them, confirmed that was a lie with GameStop Corporate — nice eRewards nice!

    But the biggest lie is those contest giveaways at this site, how do you know when a winner is real or just created. Well here’s the biggest surprise, you can’t there are no checks or balances to confirm whether or not a contest at this is site is legitimate.

    Basically, if you collect e-rewards “dollars” you should cash out and restart or stockpile and cash in for multiple rewards at a particular level.

  19. RH says:

    The previous blog was probably written by someone trying to get you interested in their site. JUST FYI

  20. Amy says:

    If you have trouble getting credited for a survey, just send an email to their customer service. I have had that happen a handful of times; but every time I’ve sent an email, I get an apology and a credit on my account within a day or two. I’ve never had any problems with e-rewards.

  21. Paula says:

    I have been doing these rewards for a couple of years now. At first I thought I would never get anything out of it, but dedicating very little time, I got (about once a year) a reward which was a gift card from gap of macy’s. So that was good for me. But now… their selection of rewards in the past month went down the hill. is VERY poor. And I have all of these points, and nothing to really redeem them on.

  22. Jenn says:

    I’ve been with Erewards for a few years now and it’s been a good experience. The surveys aren’t sent with too high or low frequency (3-4/week) and are easy to complete. It’s something I do when taking a break from work. And the rewards are great – I’ve used them to get lots of magazine subscriptions and it makes for excellent, FREE leisure reading. Customer service is also excellent.

  23. Lesa says:

    I’ve been doing eRewards surveys for several years. Initially, I signed up because I could earn miles on Northwest Airlines, which is an airline that I fly. I’ve earned enough miles from participating in eRewards to get several free flights on NW! That seems worthy my time.

  24. Marge says:

    I agree with the original post. You are led to believe that you have some dollar amount of credit but what it will buy is only 10 to 12% of true value. Use $100 of credits to buy 7000 Hilton High honors credits. But you need 25000 credits to buy a $50 Dardin credit.

  25. Barb says:

    I totally agree. I earned $100 in credit and they charged me $75 for a $25 gift card.

    • Debbie says:

      If you go to eRewards today, all you get is a search page. I believe they have finally shut down the site and I am stuck with $100.00 of their useless credit.

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