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e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste

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e-Rewards is another survey network that awards you ‘e-Rewards’ whenever you fill out their surveys. The thing that sinks e-Rewards is what those e-Rewards actually get you – glorified coupon codes and prizes of diminished value. At the lowest tier, the $25 e-Reward level, the rewards are things like 500 frequent flier miles to Northwest or American Airlines, $25 off a purchse of $75 from eBags, and $25 off a $50 purchase from MagMall. Why don’t they give out straight cash? Because it’s cheaper to give you those type of offers. Even at the next level, the $50 level, you don’t see any rewards of value. $50 off $250 at AbtElectronics, $50 off a $125 order from eBags, and a thousand miles for Northwest or American Airlines are just some of the fantastic rewards. So I ask, why bother? Even if you were to give me $50 in e-Rewards for a 5 minute survey, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with the points.

My two favorite survey networks are Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost, I’ve written how much I enjoy being in both networks before. While getting into Pinecone Research is difficult (you have to find the signup link), all you need to do to get into Opinion Outpost is apply. Both programs pay you cold hard cash.

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196 Responses to “e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste”

  1. Cynthia says:

    100% agree. I’ve wasted so many e-rewards on Pizza Hut & Blockbuster. Just give me cash.
    I love Pine Cone. Those $3 checks come so fast. I don’t have much luck with Opinion. I never seem to qualify for their surveys.

  2. Sandy says:

    What happened to the website, days it cannot connect to it?

  3. Lois says:

    I can’t connect either, it’s changed from the last I used it. Been with them for years, earned thousands of hotel points which have given me free rooms.

  4. Kathy Gatewood says:

    All of a sudden I can’t get into my e-rewards account-what happened? I had over 100.00 in rewards-do you not care about your people that do your surveys? You are not a very honest company-cheaters

  5. connie says:

    cannot connect to e-rewards is anyone having a problem with a 404 error website cannot be found? I tried to email them and it keeps coming back to me

  6. rachel says:

    I’m having trouble as well with the links. I’ve had nothing but good experience with it. It’s easy to do and doesn’t ever take up as much time as they estimate per survey.
    There are different rewards based on how you were referred. I have an account that is only for Upromise money, which you can cash out. The best deals are $45 e-rewards money for a $25 macy’s card, or the $50 e-rewards for a $25 gamestop card. In the past I’ve been lucky enough to try out products like paper towels or baby wipes, oh shower soap as well. I would recommend it.

  7. Joe says:

    I disagree. I use erewards for only their GameStop gift cards. Grant it it isn’t ‘cash’ but if you are a video gamer with a budget it defintely saves money to get two $25 gift cards and buy a new game (or a few used)

    • Jodi says:

      I noticed that this article was written in 2006, but I think that they do actually have items I actually want now. It takes a while to get to the $75 tier but a $25 gift card to Starbucks or Macy’s makes a nice little gift. Happy Birthday to me!

  8. Kendra says:

    I’m also having trouble with error messages each time i get a link to a survey it was working just fine the other day i really hope they fix it i use it to get point for free rooms

    • ETC says:

      Same- its down for me since Friday, but I’ve got 4 surveys sent in that time and I’m really annoyed. Any ideas what’s going on and when it will be up again? I emailed but never heard back.

  9. The Landrunner says:

    Actually, up until the first of this year, e-Rewards offered $50 Target Gift Cards as one of their rewards. These were NOT a “% discount per purchase amount” type reward, but an outright gift card to buy anything you wanted at any Target store. That and only that was the only reward worthwhile. They stopped that reward on Dec. 31, 2011. Although, the second best reward was and still is the $25 Macy’s Gift Card.

  10. Cindi says:

    I just spoke to someone at the E Rewards company and they are working to get their server up and running again.
    I love the company, I have cashed in for gift cards and magazines and hotel points.

  11. bemat46 says:

    One survey took me to a website for CenturyLink. Today i couldnt take the survey at all. Tired to write to them ,but says could not find even after pasting. I give up on this

  12. Jim says:

    e-Rewards, Inc. was co-founded in 1999 by Hal Brierley, a loyalty marketing expert, and Mort Meyerson, the former president of Electronic Data Systems Corp. and Perot Systems Corp. In March 2000, the company publicly launched its first opinion panel, utilizing a unique “by-invitation-only” approach to panel recruitment and inviting customers of leading global brands to join the program and be rewarded for time spent sharing opinions online. Within a few short months, the first e-Rewards® Opinion Panel had grown to over 100,000 panelists. Over the years, the company grew quickly and became recognized in the market research industry for setting high quality standards through the combination of innovative technology and proven research practices. 

    In December 2009, e-Rewards, Inc . acquired Research Now Limited, a London-based panel company with a very similar background as e-Rewards. Co-founded in 2000 by Chris Havemann and Andrew Cooper, Research Now owned and operated the Valued Opinions™ panels. Soon after the acquisition, the company began marketing its combined research business, with over 6 million panelists in 37 countries worldwide, Research Now. As the leading global online sampling and data collection company, Research Now offers a full suite of data collection services, and operates several leading panels including both the Valued Opinions and e-Rewards Opinion Panels.

    In October 2010, e-Rewards acquired San Francisco-based Peanut Labs, Inc. Founded in 2007, Peanut Labs had become well-known as a fast growing innovation, technology, and social monetization company that connected researchers to social media sample and helped publishers maximize their earning potential via virtual goods and currencies. As part of the acquisition, the Peanut Labs research business became integrated under the Research Now name, but continues to operate the social media monetization business as Peanut Labs.

    One month later, in November 2010, e-Rewards, Inc. completed an acquisition of e-Miles, LLC. e-Miles was launched in November 2006 by similar investors as e-Rewards’ initial investors and is an interactive advertising channel that rewards consumers for the time they spend viewing ads online – similar to the e-Rewards Opinion Panel model which rewards panelists for time spent taking market research surveys.

    Today, e-Rewards, headquartered in Plano, Texas, is the parent company of Research Now , Peanut Labs , and e-Miles , and the combined businesses employ over 1000 employees in over 22 offices around the world.

  13. Babar says:

    E-rewards used to be great and I loved it. But in the past year or so it’s hit the skids. They have cut reimbursement rates on surveys that you don’t qualify for, and no longer offer much of anything to buy with the “dollars” you pile up.

    For example, to the poster who said, “The best deals are $45 e-rewards money for a $25 macy’s card, or the $50 e-rewards for a $25 gamestop card…” A year ago, maybe. Now they don’t offer any gift cards at all. Mainly a bunch of magazine subscriptions (no thanks) and frequent flyer miles I can’t use.

  14. Listof says:

    I’ve always used e-Rewards to pay down my student loans through Upromise. I take surveys until I’m at the highest level, then transfer it to Upromise, which then sends a check to my student loan operator. Every fifty bucks I don’t have to pay back is fifty bucks I’m smiling about! (It’s also fifty bucks less they can charge me interest on! That’s the gift that keeps on giving!)

  15. Annette says:

    I have been an E-Rewards member since September 2008 and was very thrilled with the rewards they offered. About the middle of last year it went down the toilet completely!!!! I am very disappointed with their customer service response time. Their response time time used to be great! I would receive a response later the same day or no later than the following day. Now it takes about 4-5 days to answer and sometimes I don’t receive a response at all! The rewards have drastically dwindled and the rewards they have left are useless to me and my daughter (she is a member as well). They used to offer Target, American Eagle, JcPenney gift cards and GQ, Bon Appetit, Food and Wine Magazines. So I have emailed them on numerous occassions about this but I get the same useless automated answer all the time. I have $130.00 in currency and nothing to use it on and time is running out because I have to re-new my membership and may lose all my currency! Just not fair!!!!

  16. Richard says:

    Though cash would be nice I have cashed mine in for Hilton hotel points and have had very nice weekend getaways with my wife, paid for exclusively through erewards.

  17. EDDIE says:

    AT present i am working on cashing in on my points for the new flex points credit card that they have started ,from us bank of which i have been a member of ,they ask for 12 characters long log in and the card is 16 characters long ,trying to get that across to them now…

  18. Leona says:

    I absolutely disagree. If you want to “get rich quick,” get a regular job. I realize the points accumulate slowly; however, I use my $25 gift card at Macy’s and it helps pay for a face lotion that seems to be the only one my oldest daughter can use that actually helps with her allergies. She is bedfast 90% of the time and this small incentive helps defray some of the medical cost.

    As a retiree I enjoy the surveys. If you don’t like them unscribe and shut up about it. Move on!

  19. Jim says:

    I have used e-rewards for two years. I have tried to redeem points, and they have never actually provided the awards. I have written four times and all you get is a run-around. When you email, they never respond. I would recommend not wasting your time.

  20. Dee says:

    I have participated in E-Rewards for many years. I always choose the airline miles and deposit them into my husband’s frequent flier account. I travel more than he does, and rack up points faster so adding to his account gives us free trips quicker.

  21. Gale says:

    While I once agreed with this I’ve changed my mind. I’ve enjoyed a subscription to Smithsonian, some discounts to Pizza Hut, and a Macy’s gift card, all nice rewards!

  22. beth says:

    I’m new (! WEEK) at surveys. very frustrating. thanks for the tips.

  23. beth says:

    its beth I just spent over an hour filling out a $2.50 survey for sendearnings and at the very end the only way to finish was to buy something with credit card. I ve got other sad stories

  24. Kathy from Georgia says:

    I’ve been using eRewards for a number of years. For a long time, I’ve used the points to get American Eagle Reward cards which I gave to my kids since they buy a lot of stuff from them.

    This year, they started offering magazine subscriptions. I cashed in $60 in eReward currency for a 26-issue People subscription. Apparently, this is only good on NEW subscriptions, so when I wrote both companies to get the 26 issues tacked on to my near-expired subscription, the eRewards magazine portal CANCELLED my subscription and was to return my $60 in eReward points to me. This was back in early September, and to date, my $60 has not been returned. I ended up calling the magazine portal who is supposed to be contacting eRewards on my behalf SINCE THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER listed for eRewards itself… and since the 6 weeks has gone by whereby I should have received the points.

    I want to use those points with the over $40 I now have to cash in on Choice Rewards points. I am hoping they will credit my $60 here soon because according to my rewards history, I will lose $24 in eRewards points on November 1st. This is crazy! However, since there are items I still find useful on eRewards, I will continue to do the surveys.

  25. JJ says:

    This article seems to miss the point. e-Rewards seems to be a scam, certainly false advertising. They say they are a survey panel but they seem to really want to market to you. Why else would they insist on you giving your home address? I refused to give my home address = no air miles. I’m very disappointed American Airlines partnered with e-Rewards. Now US Airways has joined them too.

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