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e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste

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e-Rewards is another survey network that awards you ‘e-Rewards’ whenever you fill out their surveys. The thing that sinks e-Rewards is what those e-Rewards actually get you – glorified coupon codes and prizes of diminished value. At the lowest tier, the $25 e-Reward level, the rewards are things like 500 frequent flier miles to Northwest or American Airlines, $25 off a purchse of $75 from eBags, and $25 off a $50 purchase from MagMall. Why don’t they give out straight cash? Because it’s cheaper to give you those type of offers. Even at the next level, the $50 level, you don’t see any rewards of value. $50 off $250 at AbtElectronics, $50 off a $125 order from eBags, and a thousand miles for Northwest or American Airlines are just some of the fantastic rewards. So I ask, why bother? Even if you were to give me $50 in e-Rewards for a 5 minute survey, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with the points.

My two favorite survey networks are Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost, I’ve written how much I enjoy being in both networks before. While getting into Pinecone Research is difficult (you have to find the signup link), all you need to do to get into Opinion Outpost is apply. Both programs pay you cold hard cash.

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196 Responses to “e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste”

  1. ed says:

    Its one of those things that if you don’t like it, don’t do it. Why beat down something that will actually give you something for nothing, actually just your time and whatever value you think your time is worth. Stop complaining!

  2. Natalie says:

    You apparently have not done your research on this one. The rewards available depend which company you signed up through. I signed up through Upromise and I DO get cold hard cash. I have a $50 check pending right now for the $120 level!

  3. Melissa says:

    I guess it depends on what you like. I save up my e-rewards until I get to $75 and then trade them in for a Ticketmaster gift card. And I love having those when a sporting event or concert I want to go to rolls around.

  4. Lara says:

    They finally came up with a good redemption with, although it has been over a month since I redeemed $50 for a $100 certificate and have yet to receive it. Their “member rewards team” people seem to be a figment of someone’s imagination as well. I joined through Delta Skymiles.

    • Donna says:

      Lara, I just redeemed $25 for a $50 certificate today and it was E-mailed to me immediately. I just had to go on the website and sign up and put in my verification number from e-Rewards.

      • Sam says:

        Not to rain on your parade, but frequently offers promotions for 80-90% off face value. Right now you can to their website and purchase $25 coupons for $10, a better deal than you received from eRewards.

  5. LC says:

    I disagree completely. e-Rewards is wonderful. In the past three months, I have scored 5,000 airline miles and I’m well on my way toward the next 1,000. Given that on the airline I chose 12,500 will get you a one-way ticket to anywhere in the U.S. including with partner airlines, the few minutes I have spent. I can easily see myself getting a free (or nearly-free) round trip ticket in 2013.

  6. LC says:

    I see quite a few folks here complaining about customer service issues, but when I have complained about a survey stopping in the middle, they have promptly made it right. Whatever CS issues e-Rewards may have had in the past seems to be resolved. They’ve also added many new incentives in 2013. I’d say have another look.

  7. NBK says:

    I have received several thousand extra miles on Continental/United each year since 2008.

    Works for me, nimrod!

  8. Lou says:

    I rarely answer the surveys that they send me but Ive managed to get my hands on Cigar aficionado and Mens Fitness magazines for sacrificing a minimal amount of time. I think its a pretty cool site.

  9. Sandra says:

    I agree with article in the sense that it’s just too much time per survey for what you get. If you have tons of free time maybe it’s OK but even then if you figure out the hours and compare that to the value of what you are getting – it’s sad. I can buy 2000 miles on SW for $50. But the time and effort to earn 500 miles using Erewards is too much. What really annoys me is filling out page after page after page of detail and then being told I don’t qualify for the survey. That happens frequently. I did get a number of mileage rewards. But I’m done with it. It would be better to spend that time figuring out other ways to earn or save money. But to answer another person – they do not market to you. There is no risk of giving them your address.

  10. Shug22 says:

    We just booked round trip flights for two to Aruba, with our e rewards points!!! We turned them in to Southwest points and then converted them to Airtran rewards. Did same thing with LaQuinta points for our pet friendly hotel stays! But now we dont receive any more surveys… 🙁

  11. cathy says:

    E-rewards is the BEST one I’ve found! I have been members of many, and Opinion Outpost is a TOTAL waste of time. E-rewards is the only one I’ve ever been a member of that offers something of any value, like ticketmaster rewards!!! I have saved so much on concerts throughout the years and have dropped out of all the others that waste my time. At least if you don’t qualify for their survey they throw you 25 cents unlike all the others that waste your time and don’t get you anything. You are always building money w/e-rewards to save on something!

  12. Beatrice says:



  13. Vasilios says:

    I’m a teenager who likes to play video games, and was invited into e-Rewards by GameStop.

    After being with the program for about 3 years now, I can say that I’ve gotten over $175 in GameStop gift cards sent to me for merely answering surveys.

  14. Richard says:

    Like anything, it depends on what you’re after. I live in Hawaii and inter-island flights on my frequent flyer program are 10,000 miles round trip. By linking this with e-miles and that to my miles program, doing a survey on my lunch break a few times a week goes a long way toward trips to Kaua’i, Maui, or the Big Island for my wife and I.

  15. perry yoshida says:

    I like erewards i answer question accumulate points and buy magazines. magazines that i wouldn’t buy but would read if I had them Erewards works for me

  16. Chan says:

    I have to say I do like E-Rewards. However, I use it to get my free magazine subscriptions since they do offer a pretty good variety for woman’s magazines.

  17. Brooklynn says:

    Actually I love e-rewards. I use all my points for Gamestop gift certificates. I get a 25$ certificate for every 50 points. The surveys are easy and I rack up the points pretty quickly, so… free games!

  18. Joe Foulke says:

    I like e-rewards.

    There are low value rewards, but we enjoy the magazines, as well as the Wall Street Journal.

    It’s not money, but most of the surveys are fun.

    If you believe you are taken advantage of, just don’t participate.

  19. valerie says:

    I always take the 1,000 Priority Club points when I get to the $30 level. I then use the Priority Club points to get my $25 WalMart or Target gift cards.

  20. Anya says:

    I used to enjoy E-rewards however, the rewards are very diminishing. For example a Macy’s Gift Card used to cost $70 for a $25 Gift Card! Sorry but my time is valuable and the dollar points are hard to accumulate. I will just deduct $25 from my paycheck and go shopping at Macy’s directly!!! E-rewards is ripping people off now.

  21. Donna says:

    I have been a member of e-Rewards for a while and I was up to $47.00 in points. I just redeemed $25 for $50 gift certificates. These are legitimate because e-rewards gave me a verification number and I went directly to the and signed up. I was able use the amount in different increments from $5.00 to the full $50.00 if I wanted to. This to me is very worth the time I spend doing surveys.

  22. Dennis says:

    I have been doing surveys for a few yearsand only have $53 in dollar value accumulated and then I found out I would have to get $75 just to get a $25 gift card. Your hourly pay rate is outragiously low if you figure it out. Also I am fed up with surveys hanging up in the middle of not being able to be done on a ipad. Once I finally get to $75 value, I am done with it.

  23. K.K. says:

    I used e-rewards all the time and cash in for great stuff. I have never paid for a subscription to my favorite magazine and its been 3 years. I also cash my rewards in for gifts and to cut the cost of gifts especially at GameStop. I’ve had fun getting free samples of test products from major brands (ex. Dove, Ivory Soap, Caress) and have even had the pleasure of giving my opinion on products before they are released, then seeing how my opinion has effected product packaging, marketing when I see it on the shelves months later. I’ve taken political surveys and am sure my opinion has contributed to surveys that are referenced on news shows like Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. I think its pretty cool and have been a member since Nov 13, 2008 and love it! I think its great.

  24. K.K. says:

    Oh, and I have racked up to $200 in e-rewards. I currently have $109.46 in rewards. 🙂

  25. ed mulvey says:

    all the coupons I received were invalid. a complete waste of time.

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