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e-Rewards Survey Program A Waste

e-Rewards is another survey network that awards you ‘e-Rewards’ whenever you fill out their surveys. The thing that sinks e-Rewards is what those e-Rewards actually get you – glorified coupon codes and prizes of diminished value. At the lowest tier, the $25 e-Reward level, the rewards are things like 500 frequent flier miles to Northwest or American Airlines, $25 off a purchse of $75 from eBags, and $25 off a $50 purchase from MagMall. Why don’t they give out straight cash? Because it’s cheaper to give you those type of offers. Even at the next level, the $50 level, you don’t see any rewards of value. $50 off $250 at AbtElectronics, $50 off a $125 order from eBags, and a thousand miles for Northwest or American Airlines are just some of the fantastic rewards. So I ask, why bother? Even if you were to give me $50 in e-Rewards for a 5 minute survey, I honestly wouldn’t know what to do with the points.

My two favorite survey networks are Pinecone Research and Opinion Outpost [3], I’ve written how much I enjoy being in both networks before [4]. While getting into Pinecone Research is difficult (you have to find the signup link), all you need to do to get into Opinion Outpost [3] is apply. Both programs pay you cold hard cash.