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Earn Gas Money, Donate Plasma (Save Lives)

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Students at BYU-Idaho are donating their plasma for $20-$25 each time to help defray the cost of gasoline, pretty amazing. In reading more about it on the Red Cross website, the process only takes 20 minutes longer than a regular blood donation and your platelets replenish after 48 hours.

So you won’t have to give your arm, leg or first born for a tank of gas but some platelets will do. Selling critical body fluids for cash just seems a little (a lot) wrong to me.

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56 Responses to “Earn Gas Money, Donate Plasma (Save Lives)”

  1. bobbie says:

    First off there is not a wrong reason to donate. Getting money for doing so just so happens to be a perk. some of us dont really have the xtra means of maying for diapers or gas. And other people need the plasma. They are allowed to pay you for your plasma b/c its medically impossible right now to humanly make it in a lab. Plasma is vital to some burn victims and people with other disorders. For those of you who think its wrong, think about the time and we could have spent working for money or doing something else making our own money but instead we spent is giving plasma for a fraction of what we could have made!

  2. brandi says:

    i would not suggest this it is not worth it. They stuck me three times and still missed my vien and when the machine returned my blood it was very painful so of course they had to re stick the other arm to give me my blood back leaving me looking batter on the right arm for days. And they never once changed their gloves when i was there this was just nasty to me. And all that for $40 dollars

  3. Amanda says:

    frist off if you think giving something to help anybody no matter if you get money or not you are a sick person!! Anything that can help a person I would do for no money at all and be proud of that!

  4. Kathy says:

    Great! Lets see you do it for a whole month and turly experience it first hand and see how your attitude changes, you should really know what you are talking about before you pass judgement!

    The money I have earned donating plasma has put food on my table for my family of six! Unemployment is the highest it has ever been! We had 300 applicants apply for just one minimum wage nusrey job! Times are desparate and shame on you for trying to make people feel guilty or bad for doing what they have to make ends meet! I give freely when I can! I donate time regularly with out pay to help others in need! Because I have been there! I know what it is like!

    Obviously you have never found yourself in a bad place! I have been there! Homeless with four kids and let me tell you it is humbling!!! More often than not people will not help you, they look down on you like you are scum! They claim to want to help but treat you like dirt! You need a reality check!

    I will continue to donate plasma to keep food on my table and my children in a home!!!!


  5. Kathy says:


    You have obviously not found yourself in a bad place!

    I donate regularly and will continue to do so to help put food on my table and keep my four children in a home!

    After my husband got injured at work and was off work and my son had major surgury and spent a week in the hopital and had to have follow up visits 2x a week not to mention all the extra medical costs involved,wheelchair, portopotty,ect…

    I have been homeless with my family and seen people at their worst! My experience has opened my eyes to the evils that lie in this world! Because of these experiences I give freely and help those in need! You need a serious reality check!

  6. Tiff says:

    In my honest opinion…
    I just made my first appointment today, I go in a week from yesterday. Look, times are tough and we are all well aware of that. So if I can save the life of somebody else and get some money so that I can finish my education at the same time I see this as a complete win-win situation! I think that this is a wonderful way to be able to help somebody that’s in need!
    My mom just spent 2 and 1/2 weeks in the hospital and luckily didn’t need any of these types of transfusions, but had she needed one I would have been forever greatful to the people that are out there donating so that someone was able to save her!
    I understand that this is a lot to do with personal values and morals, but I don’t see men complaining that there are some women that are willing to show their bodies to earn the money they need, so why should this be considered any different?!

  7. mike says:

    There are also other companies that pay much more for plasma, the only thing is you have to be sick. This company looks for people who have auto immune disorders or viral infections and pay as much as 500 each time you donate. Check out this site

  8. Kiwa Davis says:

    I wood llike to Donate Plasma,ect.

  9. Bren Jenn says:

    I just donated my first plasma yesterday and go back tomorrow to donate the second. I’m on SSI (disability) and live in Texas, so I’m wondering if I have to claim this money as ” earned income” on my taxes? Being on SSI, I dont file taxes because its not “earned” money. So will this income make me have to file taxes?
    I do know they took my social security number, so I dont know if they report the money I get for donation. Thanks!

  10. Elila says:

    I have donated blood about 5 times a year since I was 17 years old. Not plasma. But I’ve done it because I see people in my family suffering and need blood transfusions. I am not a match to many in my family, but I donate thinking that somewhere someone will be a match and help out. Now I am looking at plasma options because I heard that they pay for that. I think its a great idea. Especially giving all the above facts about this recession that we are in. I lived out of my car for 5 months and slept about 3 hours a day, worked 3 jobs, and ate once a day. Only for me to end up with about $170.00 a month. I kept up with studying and school because that is the only way now and days to get a decent job. I helped my mother who was in and out of the hospital along with my brothers 3.11 oz baby boy that hospitals took care of (WITH A PRICE)! I believe that medical industries will now have the resources for transfusions and with a price to us. Medical places put a price on our lives so why shouldn’t we let them pay us for a change??? People that have always had it in there hand will never know what it feels like to sleep in a car, eat once a day, or only visit there families when they are literally on their death beds. Our lives are bidded on. Why shouldn’t we be the highest bidder???

  11. Elila says:

    With all that said, “Does anyone know a clinic in Mesquite, Texas?” Or close to that area.

  12. gee says:

    i am looking for a place to where i get paid to donate plasma i live in new york city and having found any if anyone knows a place near by please let me know!

  13. Max says:

    Have donated blood whenever the Blood-Mobile is on my campus for the last few years. Even if they offered a few dollars incentive to get me to donate, I don’t think I’d take it for a simple blood donation. I can understand the argument that this should be an altruistic act that people shouldn’t expect compensation for.

    But the whole process (described above) for donating plasma crosses a line somewhere in my head. There is risk to a person’s life (albeit small), there is more pain involved, a longer time commitment, and the recovery period involves more general malaise. I don’t see a problem with a person being compensated a small amount for being put in such a situation.

  14. Victor C says:

    Hi, I Need a place in San Diego to donate Plasma, does any one have a suggestion?

  15. Ramiro says:

    If getting paid to donate plasma is so wrong how comes paying $800.00 for an ER visit in intense pain where they game me a painkiller and sent me home is not. Called my doctor he told me if i can’t handle the pain to go to the hospital and so i did. Insurance didn’t pay my bill because it wasn’t a “life threatening situation” ….

  16. Gary says:

    All I have to add is this: If the choice is to donate once every two months for juice, cookies and a sticker; or to donate twice a week for cold hard cash, I’ll choose the latter. If I had certain antibodies present in my blood I’d collect more pay, but that’s no reason to intentionally get infected. No source of employment is pain free. Every job stinks for some reason. A couple of pokes in the skin every week is all I get. If I got paid enough from donating I wouldn’t work at a job. On top of all of this the plasma center calls it donating, therefore it’s non-taxable. Sorry, no, I can’t think of a bad thing to say about donating blood plasma.

  17. James says:

    When I was in college I donated the platelets for about 6 months. I went from 190 pounds to 145 in that short time period. I look sickly and it took about a year to get back to around my regular weight. Whoever said this is safe for your health, I definitely beg to differ.

  18. Josh says:

    Just ask yourself. If your family member or even yourself needed blood, would you care if the person that donated it did it for the money? Not me. lol.

  19. Radish says:

    Would some of you poo-pooers recycle cans and bottles for free because it’s good for the earth? I have to eat.

  20. Anonymous says:

    i don’t think its wrong to give for money becuase its not that much anyways and there a rich company as it is they have money everywere you look.

  21. Alicia says:

    I don’t think it’s wrong at all, especially when the Red Cross although a very charitable non profit organization has many over paid executives and meanwhile many of us underpaid working in the social services barely make enough to make ends meet.
    With the rise in gas prices and food prices I have to find other ways of supplementing my income. PS the only time my church calls me is when they want my blood otherwise they don’t even know I exist.

  22. Susan says:

    I see nothing wrong with getting paid to donate plasma. Hey, it helps everyone and hurts no one, well except the ones donating!! But ya, more power to people to find ways to help themselves financially. Just sucks it hurts and is a bit dangerous and some have had some bad experiences and also having to wait for a super long to donate.

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