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Easy Conversation Starters About Money with Your Kids

This guest post was written by John M. Box, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Education, Junior Achievement Worldwide.

Sometimes it seems like our children are programmed to turn a deaf ear when we begin to talk about doing chores, saving money or preparing college applications. Many parents struggle with how to broach these topics without nagging, boring or confusing kids, and as a result, the conversation may never happen. Here are a few conversation starters to get your kids talking about money:

There are so many ways to talk to your kids about money; the important thing is to just do it. By making them comfortable discussing money now, you can save them a lot of heartache in the future.

Editor’s Note: A few years ago I volunteered at a Junior Achievement event. I can’t remember the name of the “game” we played but it involved a mock city with stores and banks and jobs, simulating real life. As volunteers, we were essentially chaperons for whatever “building” we were in and the students (all grade school level) were the employees.

We were there just to give guidance and make sure they didn’t get too crazy. I remember sitting in the little “radio station” that played music throughout the room and our little enterprising employees sold “shout-outs” to their friends. It was a great time and I thought it was incredible that there was an organization dedicated to teaching young people financial skills they could use in the real world.

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