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Tell the economy to kiss your assets!

Easy, honest money is hard to come by in any economy, including this one.

But there is good news.

Bankrate is giving away $5,000 in our “Kiss My Assets!” contest.

To enter, go to Bankrate’s Facebook page [3]. Write a quick sentence (or some lengthy paragraphs, your choice) about how you’re living it up even when the market’s down.

We want to hear about people keeping their spirits up despite a rough economic recovery. We’re looking forward to fun, feel-good responses!

You must enter by April 13.

At that point, all of the entries will be up for a public vote until April 25. (Hint: Get your mom and friends to vote for you.) The top 25% of entries with the most votes will be the finalists.

Bankrate judges will choose the final winner among the finalists. The most creative response will win!

We’ll announce a winner on or around April 25.

We wish everyone good luck and “assets-kicking!”

What would you do with a $5,000 windfall?