Emigrant Direct Unveiling New Interface, 5.15% Rate on July 24th

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Welcome ZDNet readers of Greg Sandoval’s article “System glitches hit two banks’ online services,” I thought given the latest website problems of Emigrant Direct you might find a recent article I wrote most appropriate. The article is titled Spread Your Savings Across Multiple Online Banks and it discusses why you might not want to put all your savings into just one online bank. Enjoy!

If you’re an Emigrant Direct account holder, keep an eye out in your mail in the next few days because ED will be sending you a small little letter about their new website interface and new rate information.

Important Notice For American Dream Savings Account Holders

We’re proud to announce that on Monday July 24th, 2006, the new website will be launched. We’ve listened to your comments and worked hard to give you a better online banking experience. Very important: In order to access your account, when prompted, you must enter your new secure access code. Your new secure access code appears below.

Also included, right under your secure 10 digit access code, is a note that they’re raising rates to 5.15% effective July 28th, 2006 too. Not bad!

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19 Responses to “Emigrant Direct Unveiling New Interface, 5.15% Rate on July 24th”

  1. Tessa says:

    Are you aware that Emigrant Direct has been downgraded to below industry average at Bankrate for safe and sound rating?

    There’s a balance to be struck between reaping the absolutely highest interest rate and the apparent solvency of an institution. Even if that institution is FDIC-insured, if it should fail, your funds are not liquid and it may take months to have them reinstated to you. And no interest earned during that period?

    Bankrate Rating

  2. Nick says:

    Emigrant Direct was downgraded because a few thousand personal finance bloggers moved their combined billions to HSBC. Once they start beating HSBC’s rates, all that money will move back to Emigrant Direct and they’ll be upgraded again! 🙂

  3. jim says:

    I didn’t know Tessa, thanks for the heads up, I’m not really super concerned but it would be prudent for everyone to keep their savings split up amongst the top two or three banks just to be safe. Just in case something happens, a freeze, whatever; you still have access to part of your funds.

  4. Matt says:

    Just an update. I’m a current customer, and the new site is up and running. Looks much more professional now, and I can now see my ED CDs too. We’ll see how it operates at load next week, but this looks great. Nice job.

  5. Adam says:

    I’m a current ED customer, too, and I can’t access their web site at all right now (more than 2 hours after the announced launch time). Looks like things didn’t go as smoothly as they hoped with the upgrade…

  6. Evan says:

    It’s 1:30pm Pacific Time (4:30pm in NYC) and still no access to the new website. That’s a full business day lost. Can’t imagine that things are too calm back at ED but they had a whole fat weekend (from Friday at 5pm) to get this thing done. An email from ED to their account holders explaining what’s going on and when we can expect access to our accounts would be helpful. I’m dead in the water here!!

  7. Ron says:

    It is now 4:15pm Pacific Time and my access is VERY limited on their new website. I am only now able to log on to my account. I can see my balance and that’s about it. I keep getting server error messages when I click other links. I hope this is TEMPORARY!!!

  8. Devious01 says:

    9:02pm Central Time – Co-worker and I have been attempting to access the site since this morning with no luck. Concerns me a little, but understand they undergoing changes for the better (I hope). With that said, if this doesn’t get under control I will seriously entertain the idea of moving over to HSBC.

  9. Winny says:

    9:30pm EDT Who needs an internet bank that can’t be reached for 4 days on the internet? Isn’t that very much like a bank that’s closing its’ doors?
    If you push them, they’ll schedule a withdrawal over the phone. To make it easy, I just took it all out… another lesson learned…

  10. TownGuy says:

    Its 5:21 pm eastern standard time and I still can’t access the ED site. It’s ridiculous but not unexpected since when most companies go through an updating process online, glitches are always in the mix, which is why I did not even consider making a transaction two days prior to the changes, lest a glitch direct my money elsewhere.

  11. Scooter says:

    This is a joke. Still no access almost 10pm Eastern Time, 7/25. I agree with the previous post, they should be sending out an email, or at least put some USEFUL information on the lame “We’re Sorry, our new website sucks and due to extreme volume we aren’t going to let you access your account”. How about a freaking ETA on when the damn thing will work? Or maybe you should put the old one back up??????? If I can’t get in without issue tomorrow, I will be pulling my money out. I am sure or citibank would gladly take it, and their websites work!

  12. Devious01 says:

    Well its final….just opened my account with Citibank (the website was actually functional). Going to give Emigrantdirect one more day, was on hold tonight guy answered and said sorry we are closed and hung up. Not the kind of service I want when it comes to my money. Been pleased with Citibank credit cards and hope the banking service is up to par. I know its leaving .15% on the table, but its well worth the piece of mind.

  13. funkadelic says:

    This is annoying. I recently became an emigrant customer and only deposited a small amount into that account. On Friday, I transfered a huge bulk of what was in my ING account into my regular checking with the intention of transferring it into my new emigrant account.

    Not being able to login yesterday was bad enough, but now that I can access the site again, I’ve discovered that the new login requires a “Secure access code” which was supposed to be part of a mailer, which I haven’t received that yet.

    I tried to call the customer service # on the login page but get a busy signal. I can’t believe that they would launch their new site and require a new login credential but not ensure that customers get that before the site launches. UNBELIEVEABLE.

    I might just move the money back to my ING accout and move the rest of the money I have in my new emigrant account back out as well. Unacceptable for consumers to not have access to their account in this manner.

  14. Segundo says:

    Tessa wrote on July 13th, 2006 at 11:09 pm:
    “Are you aware that Emigrant Direct has been downgraded to below industry average at Bankrate for safe and sound rating? ”

    I’ve looked up and Emigrant Saving Bank does not have a bad rating. It is not rated. Maybe that’s because it’s a privately held company.

    I wonder if the rating that Tessa saw is for EMIGRANT BANK, which is a different entity. It is a state-chartered thrift institution:

    Is my observation correct or am I mistaken?

  15. sergio says:

    I’m ED customer, and during last two days, 07/27/2006 and 07/28/2006 I am not able to access their site. It’s hanging forever and timed out all the time.
    If it’s improvement, I don’t know.
    Probably, they did not aware how much customer activities will start when they offer the best rate in industry, plus combine that with update of their web site system.
    It’s very risky, if I was them, I would never do the at the same time, other then being too adventurous. I don’t think that bank merchant should be so adventureous (stupid).
    It’s specific business, where it’s very hard to win the trust of your customers again.

  16. dwidener says:

    all i can say is its about time wamu. and its other companys get something like this, they are all shady.

  17. DML362 says:

    I’ve been an ED customer for several months. After they upgraded their website, I logged in with my new ID & passwords. I noticed that the account # on my paperwork is different than the account # shown on the website. I sent them a message regarding this to the customer service link on the site on 7/27 but never got an answer. I sent them another one today. If I don’t get any response I surely don’t want to put in anymore money & may take it all out especially is there’s a problem with my account #’s. Has anyone else experienced this with their account #’s? Thanks

  18. Kim says:

    August 2nd, 2006 7:00 EST

    I have been an ED customer for over 2 years and I am ready to move my $$. They have still not paid interest on my account for July and no statement is available for July either.

    Was this just and IT glitch or are they in trouble?

    Anyone else not get interest for July yet?

  19. Bill says:

    The interest on my account (from which I withdrew 99% of my money via a phone call when I couldn’t get logged on) was paid on 8/1?????. No statement as of 8/4?????
    I’m sure it’s just IT glitches but who needs it….Citibank is paying 5% if you don’t mind opening checking account too. .. and while their systems seem slow, they’re always up….
    Real banks for me these days even if it costs a few cents.

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