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Empire Today Doesn’t Want My Business

The basement in our townhouse is pretty cold and the laminate stick-on tiles don’t help, so I’ve been looking around for some carpeting. At first I thought it would be something I could try to do myself (part of the “fun” of a house is working on it, right?) but given how many tools you’ll need to rent and how much carpet and padding costs as it is, it would probably be more expensive to do it myself than it would be to get a professional to do it. That, and it would probably look a lot worse.

So, one of the companies I contacted for a quote was Empire Today [3]. You might recognize their commercials and their little jingle but I was surprised when their representative didn’t show up today.

I left an email message through their online contact form yesterday morning, received a call yesterday afternoon, and scheduled an appointment for an estimate this morning between 9am and 11am. Part of the reason why I sought out Empire Today was the television jingle but a big part was their financing – no payments, no interest until April 2007.

But the guy never showed, never called, nothing… guess they don’t want my business. All the money spent on jingles, commercials, computer generated carpet laying dude, and customer service representatives down the drain because of a failure in the last mile [4].