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Enjoying the Ridiculousness of Consumerism

I’ve always enjoyed watching Chappelle’s Show and its brand of edgy sketch comedy. A lot of it is racially charged but one of my favorite sketches was a parody of MTV Cribs [3]. If you’ve never seen MTV Cribs, it’s a show where you enter the lavish houses and lifestyles of your favorite rock stars, sports athletes, musical performers, and other famous and ridiculous rich people. It tickles the voyeur in you as they give you a tour of their crib and you wonder in amazement. The show itself is quite entertaining but the Chappelle’s Show version shines the light of truth on how ridiculous it really is. If you haven’t seen an episode of MTV Cribs, check it on out on their site and then watch these videos.

Warning: Chappelle’s Show is not for the faint of heart or those easily offended. There is a lot of racial language and themes and you probably will be offended by something in it. Especially if you like dinosaurs. Please consider yourself warned.

And, for your weekend enjoyment, here are some wealth management tips, learned watching Cribs, from Bill Burr (it says not available but it is, just click on the big arrow):

Enjoy your weekend!