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Esurance Quote Update

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So my friend received an Esurance quote last week and called this week to follow up. Here’s his experience, in his own words:

So i called up esurance to finalize the details cause i know the online quote is just that….a quote. They take my SSN and calculate some insurance number or what have you and say the price is $959 (that’s with the 10% discount for paying in full)…so I said thanks but I will keep looking. I think I am going with Travelers whose price was $876 with no discounts applicable and I am getting Renter’s insurance with them that actually reduces my Auto nsurance costs $30 every 6 months…strange the way that works. So $846/6mo. for Auto Ins…and Renter’s Ins for 1year…not that bad. I am disappointed about esurance, their commercials and website are cool, I wanted to give them a try.

So it appears that the original quote of $709, which I assume didn’t take into account my friend’s credit rating because they didn’t have his SSN, wasn’t over $250 off. Either my friend’s credit is awful (I doubt this) or Esurance’s online quoting system is ridiculous unreliable. Anyone else experience this?

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7 Responses to “Esurance Quote Update”

  1. Rian Trost says:

    I’ve found the same is true for all insurance websites. I used e-surance in the past, and their rates have been the best I’ve found, but the customer service was so poor I had to cancel my account.

    Now I’m using Progressive and feel like I’m being given the shaft because of how much more expensive it is for the same coverage.

    …so I guess it’s back to the hunt.

  2. Tool Man says:

    This post is about my experiences. One thing I didn’t say was that I asked the operator (I like to talk to real people) how they calculate their prices. She couldn’t tell me much, she said she didn’t more, but the online Esurance quotes are based on the highest insurance score possible. This score’s formula includes your credit score, where you live, claims, etc. I think there is one more that I am forgetting.

  3. Steve says:

    Esurance is a total scam. You need only go to Google and search for ‘Esurance’ The first or second hit will be a large web site dedicated to horror stories of how they low ball quote people and then aggressive post-sales policies adjusters go in and jack up the rate for any reason possible, usually 2-3 times over a 6 month period.

    Stay away from these clowns at all cost.

  4. andy says:

    I am starting to think that the “low-cost” insurers really aren’t – they’re only “low-cost” for people who don’t want to spend an hour or two shopping around. Call it a convenience penalty. A very high penalty.

    When I got my first vehicle, I went direct to Geico. At the time, it was quick, and the price was good – under $1200/year. I stuck with them for nearly 7 years, through an accident, one minor moving violation, several vehicle changes, over 100K miles, and getting married. My premiums topped out around $1600/year.

    A few times, I checked out rates with other companies – Liberty and whoever Chase Auto Financing farms their insurance stuff out to. Both times, I got quotes that were double my current rates. So I figured I’d stick with Geico. I checked out Progressive, and they were lower, but not by a large amount.

    Last December, when I was shopping for homeowner’s insurance (bought a house), I tried to get multi-line discounts by combining my auto and homeowner’s with one company. I had previously done this with renter’s insurance (Geico farms it out to Travellers), so I called up Travellers and their quote was ridiculously high for homeowner’s, so I kept calling around. Eventually I got to Allstate, and when all was said and done, I got our auto insurance down to under $1200/year – right back where it was 7 years ago, but with the addition of a second car, second driver, more miles, and more coverage. The accident rolled off my record right at the beginning of the coverage period.

    A little shopping around pays off huge.

  5. andy says:

    Forgot to mention that when I presented Geico with the quote I got from Allstate, they couldn’t make any counteroffer that even came close.

  6. jerry duck says:

    i have found aren’t nothin but real rip-offs for they can’t save me any money on car insurance.if you really want to save on car or motorcycle insurance than try auto-owners insurance or progressive insurance.they were the two,of the, lowest cost insurance,co’s for minium coverage for older model-10 years old,plus or older,model cars,or motorcycles.i pay $258.00 a year for i year coverage on the states minium liability,for a 1997 model honda accord-se,4dr.model car.i am really happy with auto-owners insurance,and their low cost rates.i pay $69.00 a year for a 1yr.coverage for a policy on a 2005,suzuki-bouldvard-800cc-c-50-t,w/no accidents or no tickets for a 1yr.policy.i haven’t found any other insurance co’s any cheaper than these two insurance companies.i am currently 61 years old,single own my own house,and currently disabled,not able to drive or ride my bike that much,and drive less than 3000 miles or less a year on my car or my bike,so therefore if your lookin for a cheaper rate on your vehicle insurance then check with these two insurance companies.thank you-jerry,302,wesley chapel road,kennedy alo.35574

  7. adrian says:

    actually for florida residents cheapest quote i got/almost $50 cheaper per month

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