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Esurance Quote Update

So my friend received an Esurance quote last week and called this week to follow up. Here’s his experience, in his own words:

So i called up esurance to finalize the details cause i know the online quote is just that….a quote. They take my SSN and calculate some insurance number or what have you and say the price is $959 (that’s with the 10% discount for paying in full)…so I said thanks but I will keep looking. I think I am going with Travelers whose price was $876 with no discounts applicable and I am getting Renter’s insurance with them that actually reduces my Auto nsurance costs $30 every 6 months…strange the way that works. So $846/6mo. for Auto Ins…and Renter’s Ins for 1year…not that bad. I am disappointed about esurance, their commercials and website are cool, I wanted to give them a try.

So it appears that the original quote of $709 [3], which I assume didn’t take into account my friend’s credit rating because they didn’t have his SSN, wasn’t over $250 off. Either my friend’s credit is awful (I doubt this) or Esurance’s online quoting system is ridiculous unreliable. Anyone else experience this?