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Ethical Question: Getting Perks & Returning Products

Jonathan explains a loophole in the Discover holiday promotion [3] at Mills malls where you can buy $200 of stuff on your Discover card, get the $20 gift card, and then return the stuff while keeping the $20 gift card. As a very vocal and ethical group (which is a great thing and evidenced in numerous [4] posts [5] in the past), I wanted to know what you all thought of this. Is it right? Would you do it?

My personal take is that it’s a little dishonest (I saw ‘a little’ only because I don’t like judging other people) because you are taking advantage of the system by buying something with the intent of returning it later just so you can get a receipt for the $20 gift card. But how does this compare with looking for receipts on the ground (you’d have to look a long time to find receipts on a Discover card but whatever)?

I really want to hear everyone’s thoughts on this one… thanks!