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E*Trade Has Useful Advertisements!?

I was reading CNN Money over the weekend when I saw one of E*Trade’s latest banner advertisements, which I’ve included below. I want to salute them for using advertising that is actually useful.

It’s pretty obvious, with interest rates so low, that dividend stocks have become more and more enticing. Part of me wonders if we’re having the Time magazine effect, which is my leading indicator that something has jumped the shark [3], but I still think that buying a bunch of dividend yielding stocks is probably your best bet if you’re able to hold them for a while (and cash the dividend checks).

I used to use E*Trade [4] a lot, before TradeKing [5] and $4.95 trades came along, because I was able to link my E*trade high yield savings account [6] to my E*trade brokerage account. When they did away with the bank, selling them to Discover [7], I saw little reason to keep a bank yielding so little. When I didn’t have the savings account at E*Trade, I initiated the transfer of my brokerage assets to TradeKing, who was going to charge me a lot less per trade.

I hope more companies start going in this direction with their advertising. I think people can appreciate useful advertising more than straight up promotional ones.