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Everbank $75 Money Market & Checking Promotion Bonus

I’ve written about Everbank [3] in the past because of their high rates and their unique CDs [4], especially the market-safe CDs [5]. They’ve consistently been among the best rates on any listing of high yield savings accounts [6] and I’ve been using them for quite some time.

As far as I can recall, this is the first time they’ve offered a deposit bonus for as long as I’ve known they existed.

Promotion Details

The promotion is split up into two parts:

You must maintain that balance for four consecutive statement periods (months) and you will receive the bonus in the 5th statement. All the while, you’ll earn a 2.25% three-month bonus rate followed by a lower normal rate (1.51% 1-st year APY up to $50k on the MMA, 1.46% 1-st year APY $50-100k on the checking account). There is no listed expiration date for this offer.

New Financial Management Suite

In addition to this bonus, I was also treated to a walkthrough of their new financial account management suite of tools powered by Yodlee. It gives you similar functionality to an online personal finance tool like Mint but the added assurance that an FDIC insured bank stands behind it and their security protocols. So if you wanted a personal finance tool but needed a bank’s support, this is your first and, at the moment, only chance.

If you’ve wanted an Everbank account and were merely waiting for a promotion, now’s your chance. The balance requirements for a bonus are pretty high but the minimums to avoid fees are much lower ($5,000 for the MMA, no minimum for the checking).