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Every Penny Counts Video

Josh Chan, a student at Stanford University, sent me a video he submitted to Stanford FCU’s video scholarship contest. It’s a superbly done stop-motion video that explains how saving a penny a day can yield you hundreds of dollars after only a short while. I was impressed by the stop motion (I imagine this took a lot of work) and the fact that Josh is financially savvy enough to recognize the value of compounding interest while in college. I wish I was that financially cognizant at his age!

Check out the video:

Contest details [3]

The winner of the contest will be based on the number of votes he or she gets so if you have a moment, register and vote for his video. You can vote once a day until the end of September. If you’re as impressed as I am by the video, I know you’ll join me in voting for him.

What did you think?