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Every Store Has a Price Drop Policy

I was reading Cap’s lamentations [3] about buying a product at a store only to find out the price dropped a few days later. Well buddy, I have the answer to all your (price drop) problems. This is usually unpublished but if a store has a return policy, it has a price drop policy.

Some are written (even if not widely publicized) like Amazon’s price drop policy [4], others are not. If a store has a 30 day return policy, then you have yourself a 30 day price drop policy. All you need to do is bring your receipt to the store and ask. Most stores will give it to you because you can just as easily buy the product again and return it using the older receipt, thus giving yourself the newer price. If they won’t or can’t, then that’s exactly what you must do. Is this illegal or unethical? No. That’s why most stores will give you the newer price or tell you, if they really don’t have a policy, to just buy it and return it on the old receipt.

Instant price drop policy!