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How To Get An Experian Credit Score

In February this year, Experian did something that “shocked” the credit score enthusiasts world (yes, such a world exists and they have a very vibrant and very knowledgeable community in the myFICO forums [3]): they announced that they would no longer be offering Experian credit scores to myFICO users [4]. Many on the myFICO forums were furious [5].

Does This Matter?

It depends.

Many lenders pull your report from all three bureaus and use the middle number, so not having access to your credit score from Experian isn’t likely to impact you tremendously. Since you will still be able to request your report and dispute any errors or inaccuracies, you will still be reasonably sure that whatever score you get will be based on the most accurate information.

This does take away from the transparency of credit scoring in America. While most companies loathe the idea of giving away credit scores, they’re perfectly comfortable with you paying them to see your score. In fact, on post about how to get your free credit score [6], every bureau has some trial service you can sign up for where you can get your score.

How to Get Your Experian Credit Score

Here’s the tricky part… when you sign up for those trials, you get a credit score but it’s not a FICO credit score because it’s not using FICO’s equation. To get a FICO score based on Experian data, you need to use FICO’s equation and Experian’s credit report. Since Experian is no longer offering their data to myFICO for the purposes of selling it to consumers, you cannot get an Experian FICO score this way anymore!

So how do you get your Experian FICO credit score? There are a few options out there but none of them are great:

You can always make do. You can still get TransUnion and Equifax scores through myFICO ScoreWatch [10] and you can still get proprietary Experian scores from Experian, so while this isn’t a great development it’s not horrible.

Since I’ve been writing about FICO credit scores [11] a lot lately, I’ve been asked repeatedly about what I think about Experian’s move to cut out myFICO and consumers. I think it stinks but I don’t think you need to have this close a handle on your credit score. If you do the right things, your score will reflect that.