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Facebook Recommend Button

For as much as is written on Bargaineering, I rarely write about Bargaineering but today I wanted to point out a button we added a few months ago in order to increase the popularity of the site. Underneath each title, next to the Email and Print buttons is a Facebook Recommend button. It’s a way to recommend articles you find on the site to your friends and a way to share with them the awesomeness of the site.

I wanted to point that in out in case you didn’t see it and hope that I’m writing well enough stuff that you’re happy to recommend to your friends. If I’m not, please share your thoughts and I appreciate your candor. You can leave anonymous comments (I won’t try to “figure out” who you are) if you’d like, I just want honest opinions.

My second question is that if you do use buttons like this on a site, whether it’s here or elsewhere, how often do you do it? What are you comfortable recommending (versus liking)? I use Facebook but not as much as some and so I’m always interested to hear what you guys think about the whole phenomenon.