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FAFSA State Grant Deadlines

I was amazed to learn that 25% of families don’t submit a FAFSA [3], which is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, because they’re leaving free money on the table for no good reason. For those that do fill it out, be careful to submit it before your state’s deadline for state grants! The FAFSA deadline is June 30th but many states have earlier deadlines for state specific grants.

Best part about grants? It’s money you don’t have to repay!

If you’re not taking a shot at these grants, you’re leaving BIG money on the table. If you’re a college student or a high school student and your parents aren’t jumping on top of this, you need to seize this thing by the horns and go after it. So many students, myself included, are saddled with student loan debt out of college and despite what the “experts” say – student loan debt is not better than credit card debt. It all sucks. If you can get even a $500 grant, you can save thousands of dollars down the road in interest payments. You can buy a car earlier, you can buy a house earlier, you can get on the wealth accumulation track and off the debt repaying track that much sooner.

Sallie Mae [4] sent me a list of the deadlines for states that offer grants and whose FAFSA filing deadlines hit before the national deadline of June 30th. If you don’t see your state listed, double check with the local financial aid office to see if the deadline is before June 30th because you do not want to miss out on the free money. With state grants, it is typically the state where the student resides in that determines eligibility (but always double check!).

* Sallie Mae recommends you contact that state’s financial aid office for additional forms.