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Your Take: What is Your Favorite Free Summer Activity?

One of the best parts about the summer is the plethora of free summer activities available. Whether it’s free movies in the park or visiting your favorite hiking trail, there are a dozen things you can do on any given weekend and most of them are absolutely free. In the past, we’ve done entire series on free summer activities [3] and this week, for the Your Take, I want to know your favorite free summer activity. It doesn’t have to be for weekends only nor does it necessarily have to be free, just relatively inexpensive.

For us, I think our favorite free summer activity is “hiking.” These days, it’s more like walking along paved or marked trails in the woods and less true “hiking,” but it’s usually free. It’s also good exercise and a great way to enjoy nature when it’s nice out. Sometimes, depending on the location, you might have to pay for parking at a national park but it’s usually free.

What’s your favorite free summer activity?

(Credit: Loren Sztajer [4])