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Your Take: What’s Your Favorite Frugal Weekend Idea?

Last year, I had a whole series on frugal weekend ideas like visiting local wineries [3], going to a major league baseball game [4], visit a national park [5], or something simple like borrow a movie from the library [6].

My favorite frugal weekend idea is probably to visit a local winery, such as when we visited Boordy [7] (which ended up not being frugal!) a few weeks ago, because it has all the key characteristics in a great weekend day. First, I like being outdoors and most wineries have outdoor seating and relaxing areas. Second, I enjoy the gift of Dionysus and I enjoy enjoying it over several hours basking in the warm sun. Third, it’s a very social activity that has something for everyone. If you enjoy wine, you have wine. If you don’t have wine, you enjoy the setting. If you hate being outdoors and wine, well we’re probably not friends (and you’re probably a vampire). 🙂

I’d like to know, what’s your favorite frugal weekend idea?

(Photo: tambako [8]