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Your Take: Your Favorite Information Curation Sites

Every single morning, I wake up and I look at a handful of sites that do the hard work of finding useful news and information on the web. Years ago, I used to load up CNN Money and sites like that, scan by RSS aggregator for stuff, but I’ve always left feeling I got a big dose of “this is what you should care about” rather than what I actually cared about. I didn’t get interesting, I got information for mass consumption.

So I started looking for sites that curated content. We don’t really do that much here, though I occasionally share interesting stories in the Friday roundups, because I don’t think I can devote as much time to finding the really good stuff. For that, I rely on others. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sites and see if you had any truly epic suggestions of others I should look at.

The first one is Reddit.com [3], which you’ve probably seen me refer to on more than one occasion. I subscribe to a few subreddits, like Lifeprotips [4], Battlefield3 [5], and Personalfinance [6] but for the most part I scan what makes the front page. I like it because I’ve found some really eye opening and interesting news stories I might not have found otherwise. You also get your fair share of memes and cute animal pictures, which I’m less interested (but I can’t honestly say I’m completely uninterested in!), but it’s overall good stuff. Reddit is, though you’d never know it by looking at the site (except maybe when it’s down!), owned by Conde Naste.

The Daily Crux [7] is another one of those curated financial news article aggregators that just pulls in excerpts of articles from other sites. I discovered them when they linked to Bargaineering a few times (many thanks!) and they do a great job finding a lot of very valuable financial information, especially with different viewpoints, that I like reading about. They’re part of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, located here in Baltimore, MD, a company that sells financial newsletters.

Last but not least, MetaFilter [8]. I know MetaFilter is really old, I don’t know how things get posted on the homepage, but I do know that there’s some really interesting esoteric stuff (like this one – you cannot beat this robot in rock-paper-scissors [9] – it uses a camera to see what you’re doing and reacts so quickly it appears to be simultaneous). More importantly, there’s an AskMetafilter (AskMefi) part of the site where people ask questions and get some pretty damn good answers.

Do you have a site that curates content that you absolutely love? (Not really looking for something like Facebook, more like I can go there, see some stuff and be absolutely Wowed)