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Your Take: Favorite Money Hack?

The last time we did a Your Take on Money Hacks [3], over a year ago, we had sixty-four comments and I learned a tremendous amount. Back then, my favorite money hack was buying coins from the US Mint [4], something that you can still do today (I still have a ton of coins).

The latest offering I have is something I shared yesterday in the money leaks post on batteries [5] – buy yourself a battery tester (this is the one I have [6]). While I won’t go fishing for batteries at battery recycling places (battery acid is not fun stuff), I will make sure every battery leaving our house has eeked out his last bit of juice. It’s also fun to know that I’m not wasting any stored energy, especially since batteries are so corrosive.

What your best and latest hack? Any money or life hack will do, so anything really clever, even if it doesn’t save you much money, is fair game!