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Your Take: Your Favorite Super Bowl 2013 Ad

By the time the next Your Take rolls around, Super Bowl ads will be a distant memory (I know it’ll only have been five days but we have short memories these days!), so we’re going to do something different. A lot of companies are now releasing their Super Bowl ads, or sneak peeks, early in an attempt to drum up buzz and anticipation. When you’re paying $4 million for a thirty second spot, you might as well maximize the bang for your buck. For example, Mercedes-Benz hired Kate Upton to up the sex appeal in promoting the Mercedes-Benz CLA and it resulted in a lot of press coverage [3] because they released a teaser (and because it’s Mercedes-Benz).

The easiest way to find these sneak peaks is searching Youtube [4].

I watched a few and my personal favorites are always the ones that go the funny route but I think this “nerd triumph” video [5] might be my favorite so far:

On a semi-unrelated note, talk about advertising working… during this entire Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial [6] I really just expected someone to pull out a Red Stripe.

Which one do you think will be your favorite?