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February 2006 – Monthly Net Worth Review

This is my first monthly net worth update for quite some time so these numbers lack a bit of context but I’ll present them anyway. Also, these numbers are going to be a little inflated because as of 3/1 my mortgage company hasn’t deducted my February-end payment.

Total Liabilities: $257,594.76
About $24k of that is student loans which are currently in deferrment until I complete my studies at Johns Hopkins and the balance of that amount is from my home mortgage.

Total Assets: $384,714.93
The vast majority of that asset value is in the home, appraised at $299k. Approximately $16k go towards my 2003 Toyota Celica (Kelley Blue Book value), $55k in my retirement accounts, and a little over $15k stuffed into my mattress.

Net Worth: $127,120.17
Before you say, wow that’s a great net worth for someone who is 25, $40k of that is in the form of a “gift” from my parents that went to the purchase of my home. While by all accounts it was a gift, on a personal level I see it as a loan I want to repay, even if they don’t see it that way. I’ve mentioned this in the past before and readers have said that I should count that in my net worth, but in my mind I don’t.

My February 2006-end Net Worth: $87,120.17