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Feedburner Subscription Dropoff?

I was wondering if any other bloggers out there noticed a dropoff in their RSS subscription statistics (I track mine using Feedburner) these past few days… the chiclet says readership has dropped approximately 20%. Monday is normally a heavy traffic day too, especially with the Carnival of Personal Finance. I wonder if it has to do with the loss of power in Florida because of Hurricane Wilma (6M without power! [3]). Please don’t construe this as me complaining about website hit statistics or anything like that (especially when people are without power or their homes), I’m just a vocal inquiring mind.

I looked at Darren at Problogger.net’s [4] chiclet and his usual 1200 subscribers have lowered to 900. I posed the question to him, in a comment here [5], and await a his professional response. I didn’t even mess up his name this time too.

Darren responded in his comments that he thought his dropoff had to do with his lack of posting. I thought this wasn’t interesting so I removed the post (because it’s not interesting) but apparently it has a little interest so I reinstated it.

As it turns out, due to a bug Yahoo is no longer reporting subscriptions to Feedburner [6]. (from Joe Kottke himself, IT Director of Feedburner)

10/28 – Yahoo subscriptions are back!