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Your Take: Your Best Fifteen Minute Financial Fix

Ron Lieber wrote a great piece this week in his Financial Tuneup column called “Take a Few Hours and Unlock Some Cash [3].” The basic gist of the article was that you probably have a to-do list of financial tasks that have been nagging you for quite some time. It’s a list that, if you did them all, would probably put a few hundred, if not a thousand, more dollars in your pocket – if you could ever get around to it. It’s things like changing your cable package, changing brokers, getting a high yield savings account [4], etc.

His suggestions are to either batch them up into one day or parse them out over time. Get the quick wins first and then work on the ones that take slightly longer. He goes into his “day,” when the NYT Company furloughed him for a few days, but I wanted to know if you’ve done this too. What were some quick financial fixes you did in the last year that yielded some good results?

Raise your insurance deductibles? Grabbed some cashback you were due? For me it was transferring my assets from E*Trade [5] to TradeKing [6], to save me a few bucks on the commissions. It won’t save me a lot of money but consolidating all my stock investments into one broker means less hassles overall (plus a few dollars).

So what’s your best fifteen minute financial fix?