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Final Moving Weekend & Weekly Links

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Today concluded the fourth consecutive week of my friends’ moving (though I missed the first week because of my wife’s birthday) and I think we’re all moved out. What’s interesting is that three of the four couples were moving into new homes they had purchased, which decreases the likelihood that they’d be moving in the next few years. Consequently, that meant only one couple moved into another rental so we’ll probably be moving them again next year. 🙂 We’re all in our late twenties, so it’s natural that more of us are entering the ranks of homeowners, it’s only a matter of time before the rest fall in line. 🙂

One other surprising item is that of the four, I believe only one dared to rent a U-Haul truck and that was today. Even more surprising is the fact that they had no problems; that’s surprising considering the deluge of comments on my I Hate U-Haul post written nearly three years ago. Maybe U-Haul has cleaned up its act but I doubt it. I’ll still never rent a U-Haul truck.

Weekly links after the jump.

Jeremy talks about the importance of keeping your beneficiaries up to date. Outdated beneficiaries, or not naming them in the first place, can really cause some problems if you don’t stay on top of it. While you ultimately won’t suffer, for obvious reasons, it does put your estate in limbo.

SVB talked about, a site where you can talk about your job, what others are saying about your company, what goes on at other companies, and all sorts of other great juicy insider information.

Lazy Man talks about buying and selling a computer, in which you learn that his desktop is named Liv and his laptop is named Sarah Michelle. Bonus points for realizing he’s a huge Buffy fan.

Ben at Money Smart Life writes about stock market investing 101, discussing how stocks can make you money. Sometimes it’s good to get back to the basics, even if it’s a refresher.

Flexo linked to a clever article by Annie Logue from MSN Money on seven great ways to lose money. I recommend doing the opposite, unless you have too much money. Actually, if you have too much money, contact me and I can solve all of your problems (and mine too!).

Nickel shines a light on all the hidden costs of renting a car, from the fueling surcharges to airport fees to “insurance” (really they’re waivers).

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2 Responses to “Final Moving Weekend & Weekly Links”

  1. Alisa says:

    Moving can be a pain. I have not had to do it too often however. It always helps if you have friends and family to help. Together, you can make it fun.

  2. Vicky says:

    Hello, I have read some very interesting storys concerning U-haul.I think I may have one, that will top them all!!My husband and I once worked for the company.As a result, we were able to witness alot of inside operation scams used by the company.We were both managers, and not only did we see the company screw alot of people, we as employees got screwed our selfs.Yes, they will tell you that they have a truck avalible, becouse they are instructed to never tell a customer there is not one avalible.I believe this is a win/ win situation for them, that was purposely put together. So the customer will reserve the truck, then if it’s not availible when the customer gets to the location.The customer then cancels, and they get a $50.00 cancellation fee. This company should be put out of business, and anyone who supports their ethics of business, should be held just as accountable!!My husband and I put a law suite on them, becouse they owed us overtime, and had us thinking all alone that we were salary employees, when we finally found out we wern’t. We asked for our overtime pay, and got fired.We had an iron clad lawsuite for retaluation, that is unheard of the company (any company winning) however, guess what U-haul won!!Even the judge was surprized.It was a trail with a jury.Sounds like someone was payed off somewhere doesn’t it?? To this day, I wish U-haul would get wiped off the map.I don’t usually wish any ill harm for anyone, or any business. However, in this case even though I’m not wishing for anyone to be physically hurt. I do wish that every piece of equipment they have, would go to ruins.Due to the fact, that they not only hurt me, and my husband. My children suffered as well.Lawsuites are long,time consuming, money consuming, and a whole lot of other things rolled up into one..MY SUGGESTION TO ANYONE, WHO WANTS TO EITHER RENT, OR WORK FOR U-HAUL.BEWARE!!!!!

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