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Financial Advice from Experts

Doom and gloom are on the menu and you have to order something. Fortune tapped eight brilliant minds to ask for their outlook on our dismal economy [3] and none gave a positive answer. There are some big names on this list like PIMCO’s Bill Gross and Oppenheimer’s Meredith Whitney, definitely give this one a scan because they give some very detailed answers. This isn’t a fluff piece.

Now that you’ve been scared, here’s a Money Magazine piece with financial advice from six financial advisers [4]. These won’t be names you’ve heard of before but under each picture is how long they’ve been advising, the assets their clients hold, and what they may be known for. When others are panicking, stay level-headed.

Gary Bonner [5] sent me two great articles by Victor Hanson [6]: The Hysterical Style [7] and Ten Random, Politically-Incorrect Thoughts [8]. They’re both good reads too.

Here’s a bonus link for this week:

Finally, for those with a less than stellar fraud detector, Ben Popken of The Consumerist penned an article for Reader’s Digest this month, How to Avoid A Scam [9]. “When times get tough, the cons get cagier. The latest scams, shams, and devious flimflams to avoid.” Check it out.