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How to Find Your Missing Money

A few years ago, I learned about how there are billions of dollars belonging to every day citizens locked away in state coffers. When bank accounts are abandoned or security deposits are unclaimed, the bank or the landlord doesn’t get to keep the cash. Most of the time, it gets sent to the state. CNN reported that last year a Connecticut resident claimed $32.8 million [3] from shares of stock they successfully claimed and that there are currently around $58 billion in unclaimed funds just sitting there to be claimed.

As you would expect, there are businesses that will happily charge you a fee to help you reclaim your money but that’s unnecessary. Simply go to my post about searching for unclaimed money & property [4], find each of the states you lived in, and do a quick search. Or, you can use MissingMoney.com [5], which is privately run but does not charge you anything for using it.

Then, follow the simple instructions (usually involves you proving you are the rightful owner of the property by using your license and a notarized document) and wait. I haven’t hit the jackpot yet myself, which I suppose is a good thing, but I did receive some missing money a few years ago (under $100 – but my money is still my money).

Have you looked for missing money before? I’d love to hear some fantastic success story about someone finding like $5,000. 🙂

(Photo: jDevaun [6])