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Searching For Your Unclaimed Money & Property

I originally published this post in July 2005 but recently updated all the links to the correct state Unclaimed Property division website.

If you’ve ever rented an apartment, you’ve left a deposit… but did you get that back before you left? They said they’d mail it… but did you actually get it? How about the utility company, did you get your deposit back from them? What about those six months you lived in another state, were you entitled to a state income tax refund? Did you actually get it? Unclaimed or abandoned property departments exist in every state and through free online searches you can find a ton of money you may have inadvertently left behind. I haven’t lived in enough places to have left behind any hard earned cash (I looked, no luck though) but you might have.

Below is a comprehensive list of every state’s (even D.C. and Puerto Rico) website that has a search for unclaimed property. Take a few minutes and see if you’ve discovered any cash and leave a comment if you do! I didn’t find any but perhaps you can find a nice fat check somewhere with your name on it. 🙂

Alabama [3]
Alaska [4]
Arizona [5]
Arkansas [6]
California [7]
Colorado [8]
Connecticut [9]
Delaware [10]
District of Columbia [11]
Florida [12]
Georgia [13]
Hawai’i [14]
Idaho [15]
Illinois [16]
Indiana [17]
Iowa [18]
Kansas [19]
Kentucky [20]
Louisiana [21]
Maine [22]
Maryland [23]
Massachusetts [24]
Michigan [25]
Minnesota [26]
Missouri [27]
Mississippi [28]
Montana [29]
Nebraska [30]
Nevada [31]
New Hamphire [32]
New Jersey [33]
New Mexico [34]
New York [35]
North Carolina [36]
North Dakota [37]
Ohio [38]
Oklahoma [39]
Oregon [40]
Pennsylvania [41]
Puerto Rico [42]
Rhode Island [43]
South Carolina [44]
South Dakota [45]
Tennessee [46]
Texas [47]
Utah [48]
Vermont [49]
Virginia [50]
Washington [51]
West Virginia [52]
Wisconsin [53]
Wyoming [54]

Don’t pay for a service that finds unclaimed property, the information they use is publicly and freely available!

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