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First Garden Haul: 0.5 oz Roma Tomato!

Yeah… seriously, that’s the first fruit we’ve harvested so far this week. Half an ounce of a Roma Tomato, half of which we had to cut off because of bottom rot, is worth approximately… wait for it… 4.65 cents. Since the number was so small, I decided to go to the hundredths digit. 🙂 We don’t have Roma tomatoes on sale here, from my my pricing notes, so I used the $1.49/lb. price for ripe on the vine tomatoes to reach that haul value, I recognize the two types don’t cost the same but given the small amount I think the approximation is fair. 🙂

Total Spent: $98.20 (not counting time or water)
Total Earned: $0.0465
Total ROI: 0.047% (beats the stock market!)

We didn’t take a picture of the poor little guy because we didn’t want to embarrass him (or her) but he (or she) did make a nice little addition to my wife’s salad.

Actually, we have several nice and plump eggplants and several beefsteak tomatoes nearing plucking stages so we do have something to look forward to (we’ve also gotten a lot of spices but that’s impossible to weigh on the postage scale). I think in the next week or so we’ll have our first real haul of note so we’re both pretty excited about it.

Mmmmm sustainability FTW!

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