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First Home Offer Verdict – DENIED!

Yep. First contract offering was a bust. The original offering of $290k with an escalation up to $300k was rejected but the details of the winner won’t be available until things are settled and posted to MRIS. The total contract value had to have been over $300k, which I anticipated considering there were three other offers all of which knew there were three other offers. At over $300k, my psychological barrier, it would’ve been too much. $299,999.99 would’ve been juuuust fine though. Go figure. But here are the gory details of the property…

This was the house I put a bid on:
List Price $290,000 – 8566 BLACK STAR CIR, COLUMBIA MD 21045
Nice little three bedroom, two full and a half bath joint with a nice basement. In looking back at it, and this may just be sour grapes, I’m kind of glad I didn’t win it… one problem I had was that it sat very close to Snowden River Parkway (map [3]), which is a relatively busy two/three lane road. The noise was still audible from the master bedroom, a downer when you are trying to sleep, so like I said, losing it wasn’t a big deal.

I also wasn’t too keen on paying the Columbia Parks and Recreation Assessment “tax” (CPRA) of around $500 a year (plus the $30/month Home Owner’s Association), a fee that’s tied to the value of the house. Though, what the CPRA pays for is great — parks, pools, and nice libraries.

So, the search continues…

Update: According to public record, the house was purchased for $312,000, or 7.6% over the listing price.