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Your Take: Do You Get a Flu Shots?

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Influenza VaccineI get a flu shot every year. I visit my doctor, pay my $10-15 or whatever it is, and get my shot in the arm. In some years, out of convenience, I get it at Costco or some other place, but generally it’s with my regular doctor and it’s not really a big deal. A few days of soreness in the arm and I’m on my way.

You’ve probably read all the news that this year’s flu season is going to be a particularly nasty one. I have a few friends who have already come down with it and having gotten the flu in the past, I know it sucks. You feel heavy, everything hurts, and you sleep all day but never feel rested. I get a shot because I figure it’s ten bucks to have a pretty good chance of avoiding it.

I also know people who never get the flu shot, in part because they say they never get the flu. That strikes me as a pretty bad reason but I’m not in the business of trying to convince people to get flu shots so I usually just let it go. In all the times I’ve driven, I’ve only ever once gotten into an accident (someone ran a red light) but I wear a seat belt each time. But it’s all a matter of personal choice and I don’t judge, I am, however, curious why some people get a shot and others don’t.

I get it because I would rather pay $10 for a 50% chance at avoiding a flu that knocks me out for 4-5 days. That’s my logic and I know that the flu shot isn’t 100% protection, so I peg it at 50%. It’s probably higher but at 50% it’s still worth it to me. Heck, I’d pay $100 for a 50% chance to avoid 4-5 days of suck.

Do you get flu shots? Why or why not?

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53 Responses to “Your Take: Do You Get a Flu Shots?”

  1. Donald says:

    I got the flu shot because my insurance covered it, and my wife is in at risk group.

    I understand the complete lack of trust in the pharma industry and government which leads others to make the opposite decision. But I think thorough research will lead most people to make the choice to get vaccinated if they are in at risk group.

  2. elloo says:

    The flu shot is 62% effective. I like those odds better than 100% getting a nasty bout of the flu.

    I got the shot last fall. Got a very mild case a few weeks ago. Everyone else around me are dropping like flies..they did not get the shot. Stupid not to. And it’s not too late.

  3. Shirley says:

    Yes, we get the flu shots. We are seniors and my husband is asthmatic so we take every precaution against respiratory disease.

  4. Stulled says:

    About three years ago I was hospitalized unexpectedly for pneumonia after receiving, apparently, some particularly bad x-rays. They told me to get my flu shot every year after that, but it didn’t convince me.

    My neighbor passed away two weeks ago after losing a battle against the flu. While she was 90 years old, we had essentially expected her to outlive all of us, she was that kind of woman. Nothing quite kicks you in the butt like a friend passing away, and so I got my shot this week and plan to every year in the future, because I know that if I didn’t, she’d be haunting me and berating me until I did.

  5. NayNay says:

    I try to prevent mercury exposure as much as possible so that I don’t end up poisoning my central nervous system over time. I have gotten the flu shot, but only occasionally, and only MERCURY-FREE. Mercury is a poison that can build up and lead to autism in children and Alzheimer’s in adults!

  6. Dennis says:

    Vaccines, Swine Flue, This flu season and past history:
    The Internet was buzzing a few years ago, when the most recent outbreaks of Swine Flu and Avian Flu struck across the globe. As we have witnessed on the internet, news media, the Orient was slammed with high death percentages.

    In Europe, by the World Health Organization, which dictates to the United States and other countries, who must get vaccinations courtesy of the UN. That’s right dictates to us how and when certain vaccinations must be used.

    The Swine Flu Scare and vaccination shots brought alarm, huge quantities of doses, and general fear hyped by the media. Result, very little outbreak of Swine Flu, and what do they do with all the doses prepared? Same thing with the Avian Flu alarms. Small percentage of populations getting sick…huge doses produced and not being sold.

    Your most recent flu outbreak, now announced by the AMA press releases, said the recent shot only protected 1 of 3 variants. Congrats on this CDC and big pharma.

    Presented with this overwhelming evidence that the flu shots today are a mix of Avian, Swine, and current strains…I asked my doctor: Do you recommend getting the shots? I’m 69 years old….and at risk? My doctors, two of three said outright “NO” do not get this mix. Last doctor said yes…but Doctor have you taken it yourself…..answer “No I haven’t had time to get it my self”. “Haven’t had time, you do this every day….the frig is 10 feet away filled with doses…..No time! Then quietly he says he’s required by law now to state you must get the Shot and not say anything bad about the toxic mix that hasn’t sold over the last 3 years.
    So, I’ll get the flu shot without the Avian or Swine mix …….uh you see you can’t get just a simple flu season shot….you get to take the mistakes over the last three years.
    Good luck folks….it’s your risk and choice

    • Stephanie says:

      Dennis — you are absolutely correct! I am pregnant and am not listening to my doctor because I know he has to tell me to get the flu shot. At least your Doc was honest to say he had not done it and you can read between the lines yourself.

      It is now February and I take up to 3000 MG of high quality vitamin C powder (NOT made in China so no added toxins). I drink a green smoothie made in my Vitamix blender everday and eat healthy. I have yet to be sick and I live in Chicago and it is Feb.

  7. Dennis says:

    Did you know that you cannot get the most recent flue shots strains vaccination just by itself?

    The current flu shots contain, vaccines from the Avian Flu, Swine Flu, plus the current strain formula. Oh by the way, on the news, the current vaccination missed 1 of two flu stains and does no good in protection. Gosh, next year, you will get the same again; until all the old doses are used up.

    It’s your choice and your risk.

  8. watermelonpunch says:

    I happened upon a free flu vaccine last year, and only got a mild cold last winter.
    This year, my spouse always refuses to get a flu shot, I didn’t… And now we’ve both had the flu, but also, we think we got our cat sick as well! She came down with the same symptoms we were having.

    For reference, yes, cats can at the very least, catch H1N1 from humans!! It’s been documented. I looked it up because I thought – no, we couldn’t possibly have given her the flu… But apparently it IS possible!

    H1N1 is covered by the flu vaccine this year. But I don’t think there’s any cat flu vaccines. So yet another reason in favour of the flu vaccine – if you have cats! (Older cats are particularly at risk.)

  9. K says:

    As the flu viruses mutate, it is a crap shoot if you get a flu shot.

    Keep in mind that if you get a flu shot, you are getting a mild dose of the current genetic flu bug an it might make you sick.

    On the other end, where I work gave out flu shots earlier this year…I felt bad for a few days but able to cope, whereas people I work with have been out for more than a week and in the hospital. For me, it has been worth it.

  10. eemusings says:

    I got the flu shot once, a couple of years ago – my company was offering them for free. It did seem to help, though I’m pretty sure I got sick anyway, just a lot later than I would usually get my first bout. I can’t say I’d go out of my way to get the shot of my own accord and on my own dollar.

  11. Jason says:

    I got the flu shot one time because it was free at work. That was also the one and only year I got the flu.

  12. Charles says:

    No, I do not. Guialann-Barre syndrome.

  13. Scott says:

    So I usually never get the flu shot, but you post this on Friday, I have an appointment that afternoon for immunizations for an upcoming trip to India, and bam, I find myself getting the flu shot (amongst several others). Prophecy foretold.

  14. Rob O. says:


    I’m provided the flu vaccination for free at work but I’d still do it even if I had to pay a few bucks!

    I also take a small handful of vitamins each and every day. How much of that ends up urinated right back out, I dunno. But it’s cheap insurance.

  15. jsbrendog says:

    i have never had a flu shot and i have never had the flu. now balance that with friends of mine who have gotten the flu after getting/possibly because of the flu and i see no need. If I ever do get it (knock on wood) odds are i would get the shot the following year. but, having never had the flu and therefore never needing it i don’t see the point, especially when i know firsthand ppl who have, as i said, gotten it because of or after receiving the shot.

  16. Jose says:

    I get the flu shot every year without fail. I first started getting the flue shot when I was in the military (along with a cocktail of other immunizations) and I never got sick in the four years I was in. Probably a coincidence but I’ve been getting the flu shot every year since and although I get a few minor colds here and there I rarely get seriously sick and have never gotten the flue. -J-

  17. Maurice W. says:

    I never seem to get sick, but my doctor talked me into getting a flu shot about 5 years ago and I was sick within two hours, first and last time and have not been sick since.

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