Folgers Coffee: Magic Shrink Ray Makes More From Less

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I just bought a can of Folgers Classic Roast coffee from Costco and saw one of the most amazing marketing lies ever. I can understand companies that make packages smaller. We all know fuel and food is more expensive and we can accept paying more for the same products. We can understand when companies charge the same price but give you less. They don’t tell you it’s the same size, they just hit it with the shrink ray and are done with it.

Until today, no one flat out lied about it.

(For those in no mood to watch a video, Folgers’ new can is 4 oz. less in ground coffee but the company claims it produces more actual cups of coffee in big bold lettering – the one on the left is the new can)

Check out this video (if you’re reading through the RSS, you will have to click on the post to see the video):

Here are a high resolution shot of the two cans (newer and smaller can is on the left). You can see the size clearly labeled at the bottom of the can and the ridiculous assertion that the smaller can produces more coffee. Click the image to get a full size version and see for yourself.
Folgers Shrink Ray Main Shot

Here’s the full set of Folgers Shrink Ray photos, it includes multiple shots of each can from the front and the back so you can see that the labels flat out lie.

Amazing isn’t it?

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55 Responses to “Folgers Coffee: Magic Shrink Ray Makes More From Less”

  1. Wyatt says:

    I was paying $5 a can for classic roast at WalMart, a few months ago, before they started making the containers smaller.

    The smaller containers have lots of different names now and cost $8.

    I changed brands as soon as I noticed that.

    Vote with your money.

  2. Wyatt says:

    PS..and yes, the size is smaller. The container is shorter.

  3. Frank says:

    Shrinking may not be the only concern.

    I just opened a “can” of Folger’s Classic Roast – the 270 cup size – bought two weeks ago at Safeway. The Best By Date is December 2010.

    The vacuum seal was quite intact and I’ve been switching between Folger’s and Safeway’s classic roast. Remember those old Folger’s commercials showing people opening a new can and breathing in the wonderful aroma? Forget it.

    There was none when I opened this. I had to stick my nose right into the can to smell anything like coffee. I made a half pot and it tastes like it’s half watered-down – barely palatable.

    It’s as if they took old, expired cans, mixed and repackaged them and figured nobody would notice. Anyone else notice this?

    I’m taking this back to Safeway tonight and demanding one of their brand instead.

    Goodbye, Folger’s. The empty can of Safeway coffee literally had more aroma.

    • Tumbleweed52 says:

      My neighbor just opened a new can of Folger’s and it smelled bad (like dirty). Where did the good aroma go?

  4. Debbie S says:

    I got on line to see if I could find a link which talked about the drastic change in flavor which my hubby – a lifetime Folger’s drinker – has noticed. Folger’s coffee has been tasting like flavored water lately, there is no smell or aroma that wafts up to meet his nose. I have to agree with Frank, “It’s as if they took old, expired cans, mixed and repackaged them and figured nobody would notice”. Myself, I drink Tulleys!

  5. sandy says:

    so how does folgers get away with it.
    4 OZ less and they say it makes more coffee, out and out lie. I like Folgers and routinely purchase it, from Costco, but I’ll look elsewhere NOW since they are incredible liars!!!

  6. ron says:

    The actual recipe changed for the red can folgers…it was a 3 bean blend and is now a five bean blend, creating the same flavor using less beans with the new components…magic?? no… innovative?? yes…

    A lot of marketing tests and time and money went in to this new blend….and it is true..same great flavor using less ground coffee!

  7. Dave says:

    I noticed the coffee taste is noticably weaker. Now I use more coffee. It also plugs the filter occasionally and makes a mess. Smuckers never should have bought a coffee company.

  8. Helen Decker says:

    Has anyone else noticed the flavor of Folgers coffee? My husband and I are trying out other brands because the flavor is horrible! This is from 3 different cans too, not just one. What’s the problem? We’ve drank Folgers for like 30 years and never had this problem before.

    • TD says:

      Yeah, we noticed too. The one that’s usually on sale “custom roast” is not as good as “Classic roast” used to be.

      Try the breakfast blend. We like it really well.

      I can’t stand Maxwell House, ANY roast. I’d rather use the floor sweepings at the Folgers factory.

    • Carlos says:

      yes Ms D. i work at a chemical plant and coffee is whats furnished. folgers has been the coffee for years and the smell and taste are terrible. not a coffee fanatic, but because of work drink quite a bit. plant has talked about going to another brand. everyone has noticed. pretty sad, its a big account.

      Take Care

  9. Diana says:

    Gosh, I guess we’ll have to find different coffee. Folgers has been our brand for 25+ years and now the taste is off. We tried 2 different cans and 2 different coffee makers and 2 different filters, a total of 6 pots and not one came close to the old flavor. How many customers does a company have to lose before they realize they’ve made a mistake?

  10. Mike says:

    Yeah, just bought the used to be 3 pounder, it shrank to 2 lbs 1 oz. And now it is more expensive and has shrank to 1 lb 11.8 oz. They claim on their facebook page, that it is a new roasting process, I say bull and we will see if others do the same, if they do then we have caught them in another lie.
    It’s time for all of us to quit tolerating being shorted!!!

  11. sfabide says:

    They have changed the flavor, I called and complained, they sent coupon for discount but I’ve been drinking Folger’s coffee for 40 years and this is not the same coffee so I have switched to try and find the flavor that I loved and enjoyed so much. Don’t need coupons, don’t want it–they say flavor same ut I don’t believe them.

  12. pfs says:

    Like the old saying goes, less is more.

  13. Sue deRada says:

    I have written to Folgers (Smuckers) three times asking about the aroma, taste, weakness- changes in the quality. They have enraged me by not owning the change. There is something much different with their Columbian coffe:

    Price: from $6.99 to $11.99
    Taste: weaker. I beleive the ground is finer which requires you use more coffee

    Aroma: is absent, in fact it smells of a chemical, propylene glycol, which they may be adding as a moisturizer to keep the grouds from flying around when you try to measure it.

    Body: has changed and no longer has that strong, dark Columbian body which could be because it is so finely ground that the water isn’t able to extract the body from a flake instead of a drip ground bean.

    I have tried to appeal to them to maintain their old quality, body, aroma and they have not been interested in doing so

    I have switched…Goodbye Folgers…sure do miss “waking up to Folgers in my cup”

    We should ban together to demand it return…would like to “wake up to the way it used to be.”

    • Richard Libbey says:

      There are rumors that they are using Vietnamese grown coffee beans…… I was there, what did the US saturate the ground with?????

  14. Tumbleweed52 says:

    My neighbor just opened a can of Folger’s and it smelled bad (like dirty). What happened to the good aroma?

  15. David Hanson says:

    I having a party I have purchase 3 can 3lb an 1, 2lb trying to get my old flavor called Folgers to complain No problem they are sending me coupons for more of this nasty tasting brew, so now I have $55.00 worth of nasty coffee an free coupons coming (please give me break). If I can find a good cup, Folgers can kiss my butt goodby !!!!

  16. Josh says:

    im as upset as you guys, i have to say though they arent lying about anything. They are just making comparisons to products that dont exist. Im in the area that switched from 305 cups to 270, and the label says, “STILL MAKES 270 CUPS!” This isnt exactly a lie because it does in fact make that much, the dirty advertising is just in that the 270 size is new, and they are comparing it to itself as if its always been 270. Like the picture posted here, its not a lie, it does in fact make 90 more cups……..(than the 39 oz that never existed that they are refering to) not lies, just tricky advertising. i dunno about you guys but i havent opened mine and i plan on returning it and finding a new brand.

  17. Spooks says:

    I divorced a husband for lieing, I sure as heck can change coffee too, for lieing.

    Seems like rip offs is a thing of the future.

  18. Mad Momma says:

    Same thing here!!! My husband and I have been Folger coffee drinkers for years and the flavor is horrible. Just as others have said, smells and tastes like dirty rotten something. What is a good coffee now-a-days? Been hopping around with different brands to find a coffee that is pleasing to smell and taste. Hard to find!!! We do not like STRONG coffee.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Your right but now all the other brands are following the new Folger size.

  20. Rita says:

    For the past three weeks my Folger’s coffee has been very weak. I thought something was wrong with the coffee maker, like maybe the thermostat. So I purchased a new one and no difference in the coffee. I am now brewing 4 cups of coffee in a 4-cup coffee maker and using 3 scoops of coffee instead of the former 2 scoops. It’s more palatable but that’s about the only good thing I have to say about it. The great aroma is missing and I just don’t enjoy that first cup in the morning like before.

  21. Lee says:

    We switched to Kirkland dark roast, much better.

  22. Carole Ann Webb says:

    I have drank Folgers ALL my life since I was a small child. My husband has complained for awhile that the coffee taste odd. A wang to it and not the nice rich taste it use to have. We have cleaned our pot, tried a different coffee maker and it still taste awful. Going to have to say goodbye to Folgers.

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