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Folgers Coffee: Magic Shrink Ray Makes More From Less

I just bought a can of Folgers Classic Roast coffee from Costco and saw one of the most amazing marketing lies ever. I can understand companies that make packages smaller. We all know fuel and food is more expensive and we can accept paying more for the same products. We can understand when companies charge the same price but give you less. They don’t tell you it’s the same size, they just hit it with the shrink ray and are done with it.

Until today, no one flat out lied about it.

(For those in no mood to watch a video, Folgers’ new can is 4 oz. less in ground coffee but the company claims it produces more actual cups of coffee in big bold lettering – the one on the left is the new can)

Check out this video (if you’re reading through the RSS, you will have to click on the post to see the video [3]):

Here are a high resolution shot of the two cans (newer and smaller can is on the left). You can see the size clearly labeled at the bottom of the can and the ridiculous assertion that the smaller can produces more coffee. Click the image to get a full size version and see for yourself.

Here’s the full set of Folgers Shrink Ray photos [4], it includes multiple shots of each can from the front and the back so you can see that the labels flat out lie.

Amazing isn’t it?