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Forbes Money Meter

Here’s something fun I stumbled onto when I was poking around Forbes this morning, it’s their Money Meter [3], a stopwatch type online application that takes your annual salary and compares it to a ridiculously wealth person and the average American worker. As the time counts up, it calculates how much money you’ve earned, how much the average American worker earns, and your ridiculously wealthy friend. My first choice was Alex Rodriguez but second was definitely none other than Warren Buffett. After two minutes, good ole Warren has made over a thousand dollars where I’ve only broken $1 (maybe).

The fun part is the section underneath where it shows you what you could’ve purchased and it’s funny to see 0.00465 greens fees at Pebble Beach or 0.088 liters of Jack Daniel’s.

Since it’s a light pre-Thanksgiving Wednesday, I’ll try not to load you up on heavy personal finance stuff today and try to find other fun little applications to play with (and please do let me know of any fun ones that you are aware of!).