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Forever Stamps and Another Postage Rate Hike

On May 14th, it will cost forty one cents to mail a first class letter. Also on May 14th, you will be able to buy what’s been called the “forever stamp.” The forever stamp, which will cost forty one cents, will let you mail a first class letter no matter what the rates increase to in the future, thus it will be good forever.

With a forever stamp, you will no longer care about the current stamp price [3], because the Forever Stamp covers it no matter what the price.

I don’t send many letters and the only personal correspondence I send nowadays that even requires a stamp are cards, whether their holiday cards or birthday cards or thank you cards, it’s mostly cards. I avoid stamps by using bank billpaying services or direct debit whenever possible because, let’s be honest, while the USPS is 99.9999999% reliable, I don’t want important payments being part of that .0000001% error rate (and I’ve received some mangled letters before). The excuse of “it got lost in the mail” really doesn’t work with mega-corporations, they want their money when they say they want it.

So, how many freaking 2 cent stamps will you need and how many of these forever stamps do you think you’ll be getting? And how many people are ecstatic that you’re no longer paying for Lance Armstrong’s sponsorship in the Tour de France? (Nothing against the Tour de France or Lance Armstrong, I just think the USPS advertising on something like that, a bike race, is stupid especially when they were jacking up stamp prices and claiming loss of market share to competitors)